Skin Tag on Eyelid – Best Treatment for Skin Tags, Wart, and Mole Around or Under the Eye.

Skin tags have a tendency to appear around or under the eye, especially on the eyelid. The exact reasons as to why this is so are still unclear. For one thing, there is not usually much friction on the eyelid. It is thought that hormonal imbalances may be responsible.

There have been cases of other skin ailments like moles and warts developing on these sensitive parts of the body. Various challenges exist in removing these skin infections. All the same, skin tags on eyelids can still be easily removed either at home or in a clinic.

How to remove a skin tag on an eye lid at home

Skin tags occurring too close to the eye can turn out to be very irritating. Their causes are associated with hormonal imbalances and friction occurring in skin folds. Many options for skin tags treatment are open to choose from.

Tea tree oil is the best home treatment remedy for treating skin tags on the eyelid at home. This product is completely natural and has no corrosive side effects. It dries off the part of the skin where a tag attaches itself, making it naturally fall off with time. It also leaves no scarring afterwards.

Tying tags off to remove them serves as another good treatment remedy for skin tags on eyelids. Here, it is preferable that you make use of a skin tag removal device or even a fully equipped removal kit.
Lastly, tag removal around the eyes can be done using specific creams. Since there are many creams on the market today, ensure that you only buy a cream that has been in the market for a decent length of time, and has been approved by the FDA.

How to remove moles on the eyelid

Genetic causes are largely responsible for this type of mole. Like many other types of moles, they do not pose major health concerns, but many people do not like the idea of having a mole occurring on their faces, especially not the eyelids.

It is not advisable to cut off mole at home by yourself. Have a doctor examine the causes and the type of mole it is to ensure that it is not cancerous. You can also opt to undergo surgery to get the mole removed. This method of removing a mole on the eyelid is fast but can prove a bit expensive for most people.

When it comes to home remedies to get a mole on the eyelid removed, castor oil is the best option. Castor oil is used to eliminate many types of skin growths, and it works perfectly in case of moles on eyelids. You may be required to wait for a period of about 4 to six weeks before the mole goes away when using castor oil. Just keep applying this essential oil to the mole on a daily basis till it goes away.

Causes and treatments for warts on the eyelid

Warts can occur on different parts of the face. The types of warts that attack the eyelids are known as filiform warts. They are painless but can cause itching. Sometimes, they can develop to the extent of drooping and barring clear vision. They are caused by a strain of the HPV virus.

Treatment for warts on the eyelid

These types of warts are delicate to treat. It is best that you visit a doctor rather than attempting to remove them at home. Depending on how serious the wart is, any of the following procedures can be used:

  • Laser treatment; this method is preferable to many others because it is fast and leaves no scarring behind. However, it is more expensive than most of the other available wart treatment remedies.
  • Freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen as the remedy; freezing compounds are available over the counter. However, it is important that you get the right information on how to use them in the case of a wart occurring on the eyelid.
  • Burning them off, using a controlled amount of electrically generated heat.
  • Using medication like the gel from aloe Vera.
  • Using home remedies like tea tree oil.

It is not that warts cannot be removed naturally. The problem with naturally removing a wart on the eyelid is that a slight mistake may bring about unexpected problems or contamination in the eye. It is always best that you get medical advice on how to best get rid of warts.