Razor Bump Treatment – Causes, Prevention, Cure and How to Stop Them Permanently.

If you shave regularly, you need no introduction to the angry bumps that appear and ruin your post-shave smoothness. If you are not a regular shaver, then you have seen them on the chin, neck or possibly even on the scalp of other men.

What we basically are talking about are razor bumps. They are easy to mistake for other skin issues, but shouldn’t be confused with acne. Although they appear reddish and angry, a close inspection will reveal stranded or trapped hairs inside the bumps. When infected, they will ooze pus as well, taking on a whitehead appearance.

It is only in rare cases that such bumps will develop into a boil on skin. However, they can be just as painful and itchy especially when in clusters and infected. Luckily, there are a couple of ways and remedies that can be used to get rid of them effectively.

What causes razor bumps in men and women?

So what causes razor bumps in men and women? Anyone who comes into need of a clean shave is prone to the bumps. What happens is that hair strands cut too low tend to curl backwards into the skin rather than project out through the hair follicles.

With time, the skin surrounding the follicles will swell, and with swelling comes pain. As the immune system reacts to the inflammation and possible trapped bacteria, pus will be formed. This will turn the whole situation very painful and not very attractive to look at.

Poor shaving skills and unwise tips are the leading causes. The bikini area in women is very susceptible. So is the genital region, both in men and in women.

Other common places that you will locate razor bumps include the chin, legs, chest and the back of the head.

Is there a razor bump treatment that works overnight?

Many people are in the lookout for an overnight razor bump treatment product or technique. The bad news is that such a remedy is hard to find. As we have already observed, you will need to free trapped hairs if the bumps are to be treated effectively.

The closest we have to an overnight treatment is manually freeing the hairs with a needle. It is pretty simple and straight forward. All you need is a very sharp needle and a sterilizing agent. Pierce the topmost part of the bump and release the hair strand. It is likely that some pus or blood will ooze. A hot shower prior to this operation can help open up the pores a bit.

Another overnight treatment that may just work is the use of salicylic acid containing products. Such creams can be bought over the counter. They work by digesting the upper layers of the bump and releasing the hair strands.

For better results, ensure that your skin is exfoliated before going ahead with application of salicylic containing creams.

How to stop razor bumps permanently

Here are some tips to help you stop razor bumps permanently:

Give it some time
Don’t scratch your skin with a razor on the grounds that you don’t want any signs of hair anywhere. Well, you may succeed in that venture, but it will be at the cost of large, irritated and angry bumps. You’re probably not going to get rid of every visible sign of hair.

Just don’t scratch
When they appear, razor bumps will keep reminding you of their existence by being a little itchy. It can be embarrassing, especially for bumps on the genitals. However, the biggest worry is that scratching them will only irritate them more.

Use topical products
If a product has ingredients such as aloe and salicylic acid, it is definitely the remedy you will need to get rid of the bumps. To avoid possible allergic reactions, test such creams on a part of your skin behind your ear. It is pretty sensitive and will help warn you away from allergic creams.

Keep off bacteria
Bacteria are the reason that razor bumps will be oozing pus and become infected. You can avoid this by using antibacterial creams on the affected areas. Bacitracin is a good example of such creams.

Since we are in the search for a remedy to stop razor bumps permanently, the possible scarring to be left behind also needs to be addressed. Here, consider using medically prescribed retinoid. This is effective in removing potential scarring but can also make the skin weak.

Bumps that are severely infected or ones that persist for long should be addressed by a dermatologist.

Easy Shaving tips to stop razor bumps

Here are some easy shaving tips to stop razor bumps:

  • Don’t use blunt razors. In fact, throw away shaving razors after the third or second shave
  • The longer you wait before a next shave, the lower the chances of developing the bumps will be
  • Take a hot shower before shaving and rinse the shaven area with cold water
  • Ensure that the skin to be shaven is generously exfoliated before shaving
  • Don’t replace shaving gels with soaps. In fact, even creams are not recommended, for they are known to cause blockage to hair follicles
  • Remember that it is not the skin you are shaving but the hairs. Don’t press the shaving razor too closely on the skin
  • Shave along, not against, the gradient
  • Some waxing can help but not always necessary. The same goes for laser treatment for razor bumps

What is the best cure for razor bumps in men and women?

The best cure for razor bumps depends on how severe the bumps are. For example, a simple cold compress can remove small bumps especially in their early stages of development.

Home remedies will reduce inflammations as well as keep bacteria away. They will also reduce burning and itching sensations. However, they will work in a span of 3-4 days on average. You cannot depend on them for removing the bumps quickly or overnight.

Treating the bumps with a needle is quick and relatively easy. The problem is that it will not be effective for bumps occurring in clusters.

Creams containing remedies such as witch hazel and salicylic acid are very effective and will remove the bumps quickly. This will work even better if a lotion is to be applied on the affected area after the treatment. To get rid of bacteria, use antibacterial creams.

Home remedies for razor bumps removal quickly

Home remedies for razor bumps are in some cases very effective, especially in preventing the bumps from getting infected or painful. However, patience will be called for when using the remedies, for they cannot work overnight. Here are some of them:

Home remedies can be used individually or in combinations, just like in treating other skin conditions including a herpes cure. The important thing is to make sure that you have followed the correct guidelines provided for the use of a particular remedy.

Most of the areas that require shaving are very sensitive. For this reason, avoid products, even remedies, that you are not certain won’t produce allergic reactions. For example, alcohol based products are quite irritating to most people.