Penis Skin Tags – How to Remove Them from Genital Area Safely.

The difference between a penis skin tag and a skin tag elsewhere than the genital areas is that the former is more irritating. All types of skin tags result from friction, genetic causes or hormonal imbalances. Skin tags on the penis usually occur on the scrotum, penis head or the shaft. Occurrence on the penis head is associated with a lot of irritation and always calls for treatment methods to get rid of it. Skin tags occurring on the penis are just one of the various types of genital skin tags that there are.

Skin tags of the genitals can attack the groin, vagina, penis and anus. In their first stages of development, they start as fleshly projections of the skin. They may be smooth or roughly textured. The notable feature that helps diagnose skin tags is that they are attached to the skin by a thin root, or stalk. Skin tags on genital areas are not symptoms of sexually transmitted infections nor will they develop into any serious health concerns. However, it is important to know how to remove them effectively since they can get irritated and develop into open sores under excess friction.

How to treat a penis skin tag

If a skin tag occurs anywhere other than on the penis head, you can just leave it be. However, it may be causing constant irritation or bleeding, in which case removal is of great importance. Removing skin tags that occur on the penis can be done in a clinic, at home or with over the counter remedies.

For the first option, a doctor may decide to tie off the skin tag and leave it to fall off on its own. This method takes some time but doesn’t cause bleeding. The tag can also be frozen, in a clinic that offers cryogenics. If the skin tags are large or have been infected, they can be surgically cut off or gotten rid of through a laser surgery. Note that unless the tags are resulting from hemorrhoids, most insurance covers will not cover the removal costs.

Skin tags on the penis can also be removed using over the counter products. Solutions like Compound W Freeze or TagBand are accessible over the counter and are effective solutions on how to treat skin tags of the penis. The choice for the best over the counter remedy depends on the location and the intensity of the skin tag occurrence.

You also can opt to use a home remedy to get rid of a skin tag on the penis. The advantage of a home remedy over an OTC product is that the former is much safer and with fewer side effects. It also can be easily and cheaply accessed. As you will find out, most cases of skin tags on the genitals go unreported due to the stigma associated with them. Below are some of the most popular and effective home remedies:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Tea tree oil
  • Vitamins
  • Citric acid like in lemon juice or pineapple juice
  • Baking soda; it has to be mixed with castor oil for best results
  • Lavender oil
  • Frankincense oil

These remedies can also be used to remove skin tags around the anus. It is important that you find out more on how to treat penile skin tags before you use any one of these remedies. This is because some of these products might produce allergic reactions to your skin.

Don’t attempt to cut off skin tags on the shaft of the penis if you don’t have the right directions on how to do so. This is because there are many blood vessels in the penile shaft and damaging any one of them can cause a lot of bleeding.

How to remove vaginal skin tags

Vaginal skin tags mainly occur during and after pregnancy. This is brought about either by hormonal imbalances or by overstretching of vaginal muscles. They are in no way contagious nor are they sexually transmitted. In fact, you can opt to leave them alone, if they are not open to irritation and friction. They may appear anywhere on the labia, vagina or the vulva.

Unlike skin tags occurring on the penis, vaginal skin tags should be treated by a doctor. The same clinical medical procedures discussed above for penile skin tags can be used for skin tags on the vaginal area. In more serious cases or for skin tags occurring deep in the vagina, your doctor may opt for cauterization. This is a medical procedure that involves removing skin tags by burning them using a current carrying wire. This method is very effective and without many side effects.

Why are genital skin tags pictures useful?

Various skin infections like warts, hemorrhoids and skin bumps can be confused with genital skin tags. Here, descriptive pictures can help you to tell the difference between these conditions. For example, a wart can have the same smooth texture that a genital skin tag is likely to have. You will only know which one is which by looking at their intensity and structure. For one, skin tags hang from the skin by a root or a stalk, while warts may occur in clusters. Such differences will be clearly illustrated by searching images for skin tags occurring on the genitals.

How to treat skin tags in the genital area

Skin tags occurring in the genital area tend to scare off some people from getting the necessary medical attention. This should never be the case. Even though we have already seen that no major health concerns are posed by skin tags occurring on genitals, they can be a nuisance especially when under friction from underwear or menstrual pads.

Never shy away from getting help for skin tags appearing on your genitals, especially on the vagina or labia. There are in no way different from a skin tag appearing on someone’s face. The most important thing is to have the right information on how to remove skin tags from the genital area and where you can get help should the necessity arise. Additionally, ensure that they really are tags and not tumors or other forms of genital infections.