How to remove blood blisters under tongue: causes, prevent & treat.

A blood blister under the tongue is basically a blister, but in this case largely filled with blood rather than blister-fluid. They are usually small in size and appear red or darkened. Such blisters can also appear on other parts of the tongue.

Due to its location in the mouth, such a blood blister can easily get infected. Wet conditions in the mouth favor bacterial accumulation. Blood blisters should not be alarming if not infected or symptoms of serious diseases. In fact, they disappear naturally even without treatment.

Treatment options for blood blisters seek to encourage healing, keep from infection and ease discomfort.

What causes a blood blister under the tongue

Like all blood blisters, ones under the tongue develop after blood collects in a small area between upper layers of the skin. This occurs after a source of trauma causes the separation and damages blood vessels. Below are some probable causes which may initiate the above described process under the tongue.

Physical injuries

Physical injuries on the tongue are mainly caused by accidental biting. Foreign objects and piercing might also cause such injuries.

Food, medications and drinks

Hot drinks, alcohol, spicy food, foods you are allergic to and some medications may be responsible for the blood blister under the tongue. Any of them can cause tissue damage enough to cause a blood-filled blister.

Diseases and conditions

  • Angina Bullosa Hemorrhagica – common in elderly people. Causes blood blister inside tje cheek and under the tongue.
  • Oral ulcers – also known as canker sores, they are ulcerations in mouth, tongue and lips.
  • Herpes – causes itchy blood blisters in the mouth and tongue.
  • Oral cancer – other symptoms include a lump on jaw, white patches on tongue and swelling blisters

Low platelets count

Without enough platelets, bleeding will be prolonged after injury. One of the signs that you are running low in platelets is the appearance of blood blisters on the lip and under the tongue.

Vitamins B12 and C deficiency

Vitamins have special roles in the body. The body system cannot function without enough of them. Deficiency in vitamins C and B12 is usually indicated by blood blisters under the tongue.

Hormonal fluctuations

During pregnancy, major changes occur in sex hormones levels. This has been observed to cause blood blisters on the face, mouth and the tongue.

How to remove blood blister under the tongue

When it comes to how to remove a blood blister under the tongue, not much can be done towards that aim. The best thing is to let the blister heal on its own.

Your doctor may prescribe painkillers if the blisters are painful. Blood blisters due to burns for example can be painful and uncomfortable.

To reduce the risk of infection, medicated mouthwashes will help. They keep the blisters from getting infected.

Blood blisters under the tongue due to medical conditions and diseases will call for specialized treatments. For example, herpes can only be treated with antiviral medications. Others like cancer require even more complicated medical treatment. If the blood blister under the tongue is not due to physical injuries or trauma, consult your doctor. The same goes for infected blood blisters under the tongue.

How to remove a blood blister under the tongue by draining

First of all, should you pop a blood blister? In most cases, no. Blisters in the mouth should not be popped.

In some cases, they may pop accidentally or naturally. It is common with large blisters. When that happens, the most you are required to do is keep from infection. Staphylococcus bacteria can at any time find access into broken blood blisters. It will therefore be left to you to maintain use of antibiotics.

How to treat a blood blister under the tongue at home

A number of measures can be put in place in regards to how to treat a blood blister under the tongue at home.

Cold compress treatment is a good example. If the blister is located near the edge of the tongue, you can use ice cubes wrapped in a plastic bag. If it is further in and deeper into the mouth, you can use a spoon left in the refrigerator for several minutes. Compress either on the blister for about 10 minutes.

Another measure that can help is getting rid of any source of irritation or assault. Such include spicy foods, hot drinks and alcohol. They will only irritate blood blisters under the tongue if not eradicated. Instead of toothbrushes, use medicated toothpastes and your fingers to clean your teeth.

Resist the urge to pop a blister under the tongue. Always feeling the presence of the blister under your tongue can be quite irritating. The problem is that popping it will increase the risk of infection and prolong the recovery period.

Take some time to allow fresh air circulation on the affected areas. Fresh air discourages bacterial growth. It also helps keep the blisters dry enough to heal sooner.

Include medicated mouthwashes in your daily hygiene schedule. They are very important especially if the blisters have broken open.

Consider home remedies recommended for how to treat blood blisters. There are several of them which can be taken advantage of.

How to treat a blood blister under the tongue using home remedies

Home remedies are possible removal options for blood blisters under the tongue. Below are various ways in which they can be used for that purpose:

Take a teaspoon of honey and turmeric powder. Mix the two so as to form a paste. If accessible, you can add some rose water. Apply this paste to the blister under the tongue. After about 5 minutes, rinse with fresh water.

Get fresh basil leaves and chew them raw. The leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and also promote skin recovery from injury.

Dissolve a bit of salt in warm water. Swish the solution in the mouth and hold it up to a minute. Repeat this treatment twice a day. The salt will draw fluid from the blister to keep it dry. Dry blood blisters heal faster.

Squeeze some gel from fresh aloe Vera leaves. Use the gel to massage all over the blistered area of the tongue. You can also consider taking aloe Vera juice if the taste of the gel doesn’t impress you.

Put some water in a boiling pot and add coriander leaves. Once boiled, strain the leaves and use the water as a mouthwash.

Make a solution with baking soda and water. Use it as a mouthwash three times a day. Baking soda can also be made into a paste with water and applied directly to the affected areas.

Get a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Add it to some rose water and make a paste. Apply the resulting paste to the blood blister under the tongue.

Take a pinch of witch hazel extract and apply it on the blister. It will keep off bacteria and also promote healing.

Purchase some probiotic capsule supplements. They will provide additional protection against bacterial infections. This option can be helpful when dealing with blood blister on the back.

How to remove a blood blister under the tongue summary

Blood blisters under the tongue are usually caused by physical injuries sustained in the mouth. Such can be treated at home or left to heal on their own.

Medical treatment is necessary for blood blisters lasting for more than 3 weeks, are painful, swollen or accompanied by symptoms of other diseases.

Medicated mouthwashes form a vital part of how to treat blood blisters under the tongue.

With the right treatment options, blood blisters under the tongue will heal within 2 weeks. In fact, small ones will disappear in the first week after formation.

Home remedies are great removal options and treatments for blood blisters. However, they should not replace medically prescribed medications.


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