How to Get Rid Of Razor Bumps On Legs, Thighs, Face, Neck and Head.

A day or two after shaving, you may have had experienced tiny bumps which may be painful. They are known as razor bumps.

When hair strands are cut too deep, they tend to curl into the skin rather than project out of the hair follicles. This causes the skin surrounding the follicles to swell and become reddish. They are easily confused with pimples or even skin tags and moles, but they are not the same.

You can browse through pictures showing the different types of skin conditions related to razor bumps, just to be sure of what is being talked about here. Basically, however, razor bumps will not appear without the skin having been recently shaved.

How to get rid of razor bumps on legs quickly

Razor bumps will not develop into cancerous tumors or anything of that magnitude. However, they are very irritating and can be painful. They are relatively easy to get rid of.

Use moisturizers
Moisturizers are very important after-shave care products. They ensure that your skin is left hydrated. They will also ease any irritation that may result from the bumps.
However, not just any type of moisturizers is to be used. For example, alcohol-based types will increase the irritation. Types that can cause allergic reactions, on the other hand, will block hair follicles and lead to even worse razor bumps. Preferably, choose types that contain aloe Vera.

Try a cold compress
You can achieve this by massaging your legs with a piece of cloth dipped in cold water, after shaving. You can also wrap some ice cubes in a piece of clothing and repeat the massaging trick on your recently shaven legs. It reduces inflammations and the severity of red razor bumps.

Let them heal
Don’t shave areas with already developed razor bumps. This will only irritate the bumps further. In fact, avoid shaving more than twice in the same week.

Apply topical creams
Topical creams can hasten the healing process as well as ease the inflammations. Most of them are available over the counter. If ineffective, medically prescribed antibiotics or steroids can help. In fact, clinical treatment may be the only really good option for infected razor bumps. The good thing is that unlike skin tag or wart removal cost, razor bumps are much cheaper to treat.

Free the trapped hair strands
This can be done with a sharp needle and an antiseptic. This should be done carefully to avoid further damage, especially for very inflamed razor bumps.

Home remedies
A couple of different home remedies can be used for getting rid of razor bumps on the legs. Some work by soothing the skin while others have antibacterial properties. We will look at them in detail later in this article.

Ways to prevent and get rid of razor bumps on neck permanently

The neck is a very sensitive part of the body. It is almost certain that poor shaving skills will result in razor bumps there. Here are the ways you can get rid of razor bumps on the neck permanently.

  • Don’t be in a hurry while shaving. Preferably, have a full mirror to help you to control the shaving process.
  • Even when the hairs come back sooner than you would like, you need not shave them immediately. If you have some existing razor bumps, give them the required time to go away before shaving. Otherwise, you will develop some angry and large razor bumps that never go away.
  • The best time to shave is after a bath. This ensures that your skin is exfoliated and hydrated. Use a shaving cream and apply a moisturizer after the shaving is done. Here, caution should be taken not to use products that may cause allergic reactions.
  • Shaving razors should not be used more than three times. Otherwise, you will need to apply a lot of pressure when shaving, something that irritates the skin and encourages the follicles to swell.
  • If you are to move your hand along your skin hairs, there is a specific side to which they tend to align easily. It is along that direction that you should shave.
  • Shave it rather than razor it. This just means that it is not advisable to exert too much pressure on the shaving razor. In fact, you should not even feel the razor on the skin when shaving.

These shaving tips will also apply to shaving other body parts. However, the neck and the face are the most sensitive areas. They also are more conspicuous and should be shaven correctly for aesthetic reasons.

Home remedies to get rid of razor bumps on face fast

Here are some home remedies you can try. Although they might not work overnight, they will greatly improve the situation.

  • Apple cider vinegar – it is an anti-inflammatory as well as an anti-bacterial. Just apply it (diluted) directly to the affected areas using a cotton ball. After some time, wash the area and use a towel to dry it off.
  • Aloe Vera – this is a very effective skin soother. It will also prevent your skin from dehydration and quicken healing of the bumps. The gel from a fresh plant is most potent. Just rub it on the affected parts and wash it off once dry.
  • Honey – honey is known to fight bacteria. It also reduces swellings and burning. To use it, just apply it directly to needy areas and wash it off once dry. Honey can also be used to inhibit the spread of warts on the nipple and other sensitive body parts.
  • Aspirin – a paste made from aspirin and water is a potent razor bumps treatment remedy. Like others in this list, all it requires is a direct application to the affected areas. Once dry, it can be washed off.
  • Baking soda – known to protect from bacterial and reduce inflammations, baking soda can also be used to treat some types of moles. A solution made from this remedy can be combined with castor oil for better results.

These remedies can help you get rid of razor bumps on face and other sensitive areas. In fact, it is not advised to use untested topical creams on the face.

What causes razor bumps on the head overnight?

You might one day wake up to a forest of razor bumps on head, especially on the back part. They too are caused by ingrown hairs.

The best way to get rid of them is to exercise the right shaving skills as discussed above. However, you can also buy removal kits that contain salicylic acid. This acid is present in removal kits for warts although not in sensitive areas such as warts in the mouth.

You can also have a doctor prescribe topical medics that usually contain steroids, antibiotics or retinoid. This is in the event that razor bumps on head are infected or are occurring in larger persistent clusters.

Easy ways to get rid of Razor bumps on thighs

Just like fighting scabies without the right scabies treatment, razor bumps on the thighs can prove a disaster. Imagine having the constant urge to scratch your thighs, just because some little red bumps have decided that it’s time to cause an itch.

Remedies readily at your disposal at home such like the ones that we have discussed above will serve well in removing such bumps. You can also try cold compresses or topical creams. If severe or infected, a doctor should be approached for more aggressive curative measures.