How to get rid of Eczema, treatment, natural and home remedies.

You may have noticed red itchy rash patches on your baby’s scalp or neck, which get worse after scratching. It can also be that you have noticed them on the back of your own elbows or knees, on the neck, back, behind ears, on eyebrows, wrists and basically anywhere on the skin. On close inspection, the affected area is noted to be raised, scaly and forming some blisters and crusts that resemble tiny tear drops. If that is to happen, you probably are dealing with eczema.

About 8 different types of skin conditions can be classified as eczema. Generally, the conditions manifest the symptoms initially identified in the above paragraph. There are some areas of the body that are more commonly attacked. However, any body part can be attacked. Eczema on the penis pictures for example show just how universal the condition can get.

There is no specifically known cause of eczema. However, a number of factors have been identified as probable trigger factors. Most of them are associated with environmental and hereditary factors. identifying the probable trigger factor is the first step towards successful treatment.

Both medical and home treatment options are available for eczema. Some are very complicated and in fact associated with adverse side effects. Some are very simple, and can in fact be done at home as part of positive lifestyle changes.

Since eczema is not actually a disease, treatment options aim to get rid of the itching, keep you from infections, mend damaged skin parts and keep from further flare-ups.

How to get rid of eczema with natural treatment

Preventing a condition from flaring up is far more strategic than treating the same. The best approach is to develop a treatment plan or therapy with your doctor. Natural treatment for eczema involves keeping off from irritants and allergens. Below is a quick guide on things to consider or avoid:

Foods to avoid

  • Allergens – avoid any food product you are allergic to. Common culprits include; soy and dairy products, eggs, wheat, nuts, seeds. They are responsible for many lips infection eczema
  • Processed sugars – they compromise body immunity and also contribute to increased inflammation
  • Additives and flavors – some additives and flavors will delay the healing process
  • Fried foods – this includes foods rich in complex fats such as solid cooking fats and margarine. They delay recovery from damaged skin.

Foods to consider

  • Naturally occurring fatty acids such as found in flax seeds and wild-caught fish
  • Foods rich in vitamin A. the vitamin is essential when it comes to skin health
  • Foods rich in probiotics. They help improve natural body immunity
  • Foods rich in zinc. The mineral is essential in healing of wounds
  • Fruits such as apples, bananas, citrus fruits and berries
  • Buckwheat

Common irritants to avoid

  • Strong household cleaning soaps and detergents
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Metals such as nickel
  • Some brands of fragrances
  • Adhesives and glues
  • Leather dyes
  • Shampoos and lotions
  • Fabrics made from polyester

Home remedies for eczema natural treatment

Let’s now look at some of the available home remedies for eczema natural treatment:

Baths with essential oils

A number of essential oils have been advised as good natural eczema removal options. A good example is olive oil. The oil can be added into bath water in which a cup of milk has also been added. To the same water, you can add Epsom salts and lavender essential oil. You can also try tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil. Hempseed oil has also been advertised as a potent skin healer.

Vitamin D sources

Direct sun exposure for about 15 minutes is a generous source of vitamin D. The vitamin can also be sourced from food products such as eggs, salmon, and cod liver. This treatment method is very successful in children. In fact, pregnant women with a history of eczema are encouraged to keep up with vitamin D intake to lower the risk in their unborn babies.

Omega fatty acids

Both omega 3s and omega 6s are very essential for boosted body immunity. Increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids in affected children has been observed to drastically control the condition.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known to induce a cooling sensation to itching or paining skin. The gel from the plant has inflammatory and antimicrobial properties than can be helpful in eczema cases. It is one of the most effective home remedies for eczema on scalp.


Turmeric is a very potent spice. In fact, it is listed as one of the top foods that fight cancer. This is associated with its anti-inflammatory properties. A teaspoonful of the spice taken daily can help control eczema both short and long-term.

Apple cider vinegar

This home remedy is popularly used in natural treatment of many skin conditions. Its application can be done directly or after dilution with water. It should not be applied on cracked or blistered affected areas however. In fact, apple cider vinegar and baking soda are not advisable home remedies for eczema on face.

Honey and Shea butter

At home, you can come up with a natural cream to soothe and get rid of the eczema. Main requirements include honey, Shea butter and an essential oil. This homemade cream can help when it comes to get rid of eczema on hands, neck and back.

Taking care of the skin

The worst you can do dealing with eczema is to leave the affected areas dry. Try keep from further scaling and cracking. This can be achieved by applying a natural moisturizer such as coconut oil. You can also try warm and cold compresses, especially to children before sleep. Also, remember to not expose your skin to sources of trauma, including mental stress.

Best Eczema treatment with medications

In some cases, approaching a doctor is the best treatment option for eczema. Both over the counter treatment options and prescription eczema treatment options are available.

Over the counter products

Doctors usually recommend an over the counter treatment product for eczema as the first treatment step. The products come in various forms such as, solutions, foams, creams and such. Your doctor will determine which of them is best depending on the nature of the eczema.


These are specially made products that keep the skin from losing excess water through the already formed cracks. Some are available over the counter while some must be accessed with a prescription.

Pills and injections

If the eczema is not responding to home treatment and OTC options, a doctor may decide to go for pills and shots. This is a notable dyshidrotic eczema cure option. The problem is that a number of side effects are to be expected.

Immune –related medications

Allergies are caused by over reaction of the immune system. Some medications can be administered to keep the same mild and in the process reduce the severity of eczema. They are very effective but not to be used for long due to probable side effects.

Antibiotics and antihistamines

Antibiotics are aimed at killing any bacteria that may have found a way into the body through cracks and blisters. Antihistamines on the other hand are taken to ease itching especially when sleeping.

Other medications

There are a number of other medications that a doctor may prescribe. The most important thing is to ensure that they are taken as instructed. You find that a medication can work on one patient but terribly fail in another. Also, most of these medications are accompanied by some side effects. For such reasons, avoid taking prescription medications from other sources different from your doctor.

All removal options to get rid of eczema

When it comes to how to get rid of eczema, a single treatment option is not usually enough. For example, natural remedies for eczema can take longer to work, compared to OTC and prescription medications. The latter are sometimes dangerous and can’t be used as long-term eczema treatment options. When aiming to treat eczema successfully, below are the best treatment and removal options to consider:


This involves knowing all the probable triggers that may cause eczema in you. Such triggers include the foods and products you are allergic to, products that may irritate your skin and so on.

Taking care of the skin

Here, a number of options are available. You can begin by keeping up with warm baths, applying moisturizers, limiting your baths to not more than 2 a day, choosing your fabric makes right, avoiding extreme environmental conditions and exercising. Search for more details on the best lotion for eczema. Such a lotion can help greatly in keeping scars from forming when the rash is over.

Natural remedies for eczema

Eczema is usually a condition that runs in the family. This means that your kid might develop the same if you have ever been diagnosed with it. For this reason, learning about the best natural remedies for eczema can help. For example, some foods can be eaten during pregnancy to lower risk of contraction. Others are known to treat the condition in infants. In fact, you can even consider growing some of the natural treatment products we have discussed in this article, the likes of aloe Vera and turmeric.

Know your way around OTC products

Eczema can make sleeping impossible due to itching. In this case, most natural removal options may not work. This is especially in cases of acute eczema. Quite a number of over the counter treatment products for eczema can help. In fact, OTC products are the best when it comes to how to treat eczema itch. A lot of help can be obtained from a professional. After a number of consultations, chances are high that you will have known your way around quick OTC products you can turn to during emergency eczema flare-up cases.

Consider medical treatment

Although medical eczema treatment doesn’t actually get rid of the condition forever, it can be helpful when chronic eczema is involved. This is because they target the root causes of the condition. Avoid any case of taking prescription eczema medicine without consulting your doctor.

Consider a combination

Rather than rely on a single treatment method, a better approach is to take advantage of a number of the available options. In most cases, experts recommend a treatment therapy guided by a professional. A therapy doesn’t just focus on getting rid of the present eczema symptoms. It also aims at keeping the condition from coming back and keeping from possible skin damage. You also find that some cases of eczema cannot be treated through crude approaches. You can look at some eczema on eyelids pictures to get the idea.

Treating eczema is not always as easy as it may sometimes sound. It requires a lot of dedication and informed decisions. The good thing is that once you have learnt the basics, things will prove much easier that projected. Should any doubt exist, always consult your doctor. Skin conditions can be treated easily enough, but sometimes this is done at the cost of scarring.


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