How to Get rid of Corns naturally – Permanent treatment at home.

Corns are ugly to look at. Besides that, they can be painful, cause irritation or even change your posture and walking style. However, they pose no major health risks unless infected by bacteria.

Most people choose to get rid of them naturally at home. Although this can take up to weeks to produce the desired effects, it is much safer and less costly than surgical removal.

Removal at home can be done actively or indirectly. We will discuss both methods in this article. But first, you may want to watch a video or browse through online images that will help you tell corns from other skin conditions such as a razor burn, wart, mole, callus or a bunion. Usually, corns appear on or between toes. These are parts of the foot that sustain a lot of constant friction from external sources such as ill-fitting footwear, long distance walks or walking barefooted.

How to get rid of corns naturally at home

When it comes to how to get rid of corns naturally at home, you can choose to actively get rid of the corns or employ measures that will have the corns gradually disappear on their own.

When the source of friction that is casing the corns to develop is eradicated, the corns will usually clear on their own, but slowly. This can be achieved by wearing the right-sized shoes, putting on thick but not tight socks, making use of pads or even using silicone foam wedges. Generally, eradicating any source of friction on feet and toes will encourage the natural healing of corns.

For people with foot deformities including bunions, corns are likely to persist even after having gotten rid of them effectively. In this case, such individuals can try the option of custom-made shoes. However, a doctor is likely to suggest a surgery to rectify the deformity once and for all.

How to remove corns naturally and permanently

Quite a number of remedies can be used as options to how to remove corns naturally and permanently. They include:

  • Pumice stone – soak the affected areas, usually the feet, in warm water. After this, gently rub the corns with your pumice stone. This method is also used in removing moles.
  • Pineapple peel – what can you do with a pineapple peel other than throwing it away? As it happens, you can actually use it to treat quite a number of skin conditions naturally at home, including skin tag on eyelid and corns. All it requires is that you bandage a small piece of the peel on the affected area and leave it in position overnight.
  • Baking soda – funny enough, some baking soda on those annoying corns can prevent infections as well as speeding up the healing process. You can add some of the baking soda into a water basin and soak the affected area or just make a paste out of the same and apply it directly to the corns.
  • Apple cider vinegar – if you have heard of it, it was probably in forums discussing how to remove skin tags or warts. It turns out that the solution is pretty effective in removing corns quickly. You can soak the affected area in a solution with warm water or apply diluted forms of the substance to the corns.
  • Castor oil – no complications are involved in using this remedy to treat corns. Just massage the affected areas with the oil and put on baggy socks before going to bed.
  • Lemon – the juice from this fruit contains a mild acid which will continually digest the top layers of the corn. Additionally, lemon juice will keep you from potential bacterial infections.
  • Turpentine oil – it actually is not a typical home remedy. This is because some doctors use it in clinical corns removal. It acts as an antiseptic and reaches deep into the skin. In fact, it can be used to get rid of an infected skin tag on the anus. It is very effective if you are looking to quickly remove corns naturally.
  • Garlic – not only is it helpful in matters concerning cardiovascular health, garlic is also effective in treating skin conditions such as corns. Its application is pretty simple; just cut it into two halves and rub the fresh part on the corns. Use a bandage to keep the juice from coming off when sleeping. Repeat the process on daily basis till the corns have cleared.

Overnight corn treatment natural methods

You may find it hard to find a corn treatment natural method that will work overnight. This is usually reserved for clinical treatment such as trimming.

Trimming involves having a doctor remove the skin covering the areas around the corn. When the hard and tough covering is gotten rid of, antibiotic ointments and salicylic acid will penetrate more easily and get rid of the remaining part of the corn.

Although this is not a natural removal method, it is perhaps the only way you can clear corns overnight.

Other ways on how to get rid of corns naturally and quickly

Here are some other ways you still can choose in regards to how to get rid of corns naturally and quickly:

  • Use some cotton wool – if you feel some friction building up between your fingers, you can keep them apart with some cotton wool balls between them.
  • Use of jelly and bandages – with this method, you will be required to apply petroleum jelly on the corns and cover them with a bandage before retiring to bed. When morning comes, use a file or a pumice stone gently on the corns.
  • Corn pads – you can purchase these pads over the counter. Most of them will come with guide instructions on how to use. In fact, they can also include video illustrations captured in a video disk.
  • Use moisturizers – corns worsen when left to dry and crack. Using moisturizing creams on them makes them soft and they will disappear with time.
  • Silicone foam wedges – these help achieve even distribution of pressure throughout the feet. This discourages excess exertion of pressure on single points of the foot which may end up forming corns or calluses.