How to get rid of body Acne: causes and products for treatment.

Body acne can both be embarrassing and discomforting. Even worse, it may prove harder to get rid of than you may have initially estimated.

Most people experience body acne during the summer. The pimples can pop up in different parts of the body. They are, however, more common on the chest and back.

The same causes that lead to facial acne are responsible for body acne. Basically, hair follicles that are all over the skin become clogged with sebum and dead skin cells. Bacteria enter the follicles and induce a reaction from the immune system. Due to the ensuing commotion and pus, acne forms.

Luckily, there are many ways in which body acne can be treated. In most cases, a therapy rather than singe ingredient treatment approach is more successful.

It is important that you get to learn how to get rid of body acne. In this article, we will discuss causes, treatment options and how it can be prevented.

How to get rid of body acne

Before we start, you may want to first ensure that it is body acne you are dealing with for sure. The condition can be easily confused with other conditions such as rosacea and even capillary hemangioma. Online images or a doctor’s consultation can help.

Know what causes it
Changes in hormone levels and hereditary factors are the main causes of acne. They are not the only causes, though. Anything that will encourage clogging of skin pores and excess production of sebum will also encourage acne formation. This also goes for activities that will entertain bacteria on the skin.

Understand types of acne
There are various types of acne that can develop. Treatment is usually based on the type being dealt with. Whiteheads and blackheads are the most mild, and easy ones to treat. They are not painful. Papules and pustules are infected by bacteria but are relatively easy to treat. Cysts and nodules, also called cystic acne, are the worst and hardest to treat.

Weigh your options
When it comes to treating acne, you can choose from natural remedies, over the counter products and prescription medications. skin care products and routines can also be very helpful. The best way to get rid of acne is to use more than one treatment approach.

Steps to body acne treatment

Skin care routines
The first step to effective body acne treatment is to take care of your skin. This mainly involves getting rid of dirt and bacteria from the skin.

Use mild cleansing products such as acne soap in baths. More than two baths in a day are not recommended. They encourage more sebum to be released.

Try natural products
Essential oils such as coconut oil and tea tree oil can help in killing bacteria and keeping the skin from dehydration. They can be purchased in ready-made products for acne. You can also buy unrefined forms for better performance results. Other than acne, benefits such as use of essential oils for moles can be enjoyed. You may want to stay away from lemon juice and baking soda, if your skin is sensitive. In fact, overusing these two can worsen acne and lead to acne scars.

Consider over the counter products
Lotions and creams available over the counter can help you get rid of body acne really fast. Most of them contain benzoyl peroxide. But you may not want to use this compound for body acne. This is because it can actually bleach fabrics.

Better, look for salicylic acid and alpha hydroxy acid containing products. Sulfur is also pretty effective. If the acne is not responding, try topical retinoids. Salicylic acid works by reducing inflammation, mostly by removing dead skin from acne. It is this effect that makes it effective for ripping off skin tags and moles.

Go for prescription medications
Prescription medications are the best for severe acne that won’t respond to common treatment options. Since they come with some side effects, it is best that you talk to your doctor before using them.

For example, spironolactone for acne before and after results are pretty impressive but may affect pregnancy.

Can acne body wash get rid of body acne?

You may be considering using acne body wash to get rid of body acne. In most cases, this option will bring about desirable results.

Acne body wash for the chest can, for example, succeed in getting rid of acne that is yet to be infected. Here, you will want to be careful with how much scrubbing you do. A good amount of acne on the body is caused by too much scrubbing, which ends up forcing more sebum to be produced.

Chest skin particularly is very thin. If you are to use acne wash for your chest, ensure that it is not oil or alcohol-based. Additionally, try as much as you can to scrub gently and not too often. In fact, you can end up tearing the skin, which will only cause more acne and scars.

Acne body wash helps keep the skin exfoliated enough. In turn, exfoliation helps unclog skin pores as well as discourage bacterial infections.

Routine tips on How to get rid of body acne

As you may come to learn later, the best way on how to get rid of body acne is through routines or, basically, therapies. This is where more than one treatment technique is made use of.
Here are tips that can help:

  • Start with a body wash that will fight bacteria. Here, go for products with salicylic acid. After the body wash, apply some cream or gel containing hydroxy acids. From there, apply some pads that carry glycolic acid. If you are sensitive to these chemical-based products, try body washes with fruit extracts.
  • Ensure that hair care products don’t drip all the way down to your back and neck. Hair care products are very sticky. On the body, they will most likely clog skin pores. Wear a towel on the neck when applying such products.
  • When exercising, use gentle and medicated wipes for your skin. Wipes carry a lot of bacteria and can spread them fast. Harsher brands of wipes encourage development of more acne.
  • Allow enough space for your skin to breathe. In this case, try to not put on very tightly fitting clothes. On the skin, bacteria thrive on sweat and dead skin. Tightly fitting clothes will encourage more sweating and also contribute to clogging of skin pores.
  • It is also important that you wear cotton based fabrics. This is to avoid constant irritation and rubbing against the skin. Both worsen and encourage formation of acne pimples.

Best products for body acne treatment

If you are looking for fast and best products to get rid of body acne, there are various options you can choose from.

First, consider acne fighting body wash products. They will not only prevent but also help treat existing acne. Products with fruit extracts are better for sensitive skin.

Natural products may also provide a long-term solution for acne. You can apply them directly to affected areas or just use them in baths. Aloe Vera, tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar are among the best options. Coconut oil will also help in keeping the skin moisturized. You can start by searching for how to use tea tree oil for acne and such. You are always advised to be careful with natural products. The best approach is talk to your doctor before using them.

Over the counter products for acne removal work great for already developed body acne. Most of them come with directions on how to use. For cystic acne, all the treatments we have discussed so far will hardly work.

If the acne is not responding to any of the above treatments, it may be the right time to check with your doctor. Body acne can be very frustrating to get rid of. In a clinic, a doctor will consider oral and topical medications that are usually very effective in removing body acne.

How to prevent body acne causes

When it comes to how to prevent from body acne, the available options revolve around evading the causes of body acne.

For example, always go for a shower after time spent in exercising at home or the gym. This is assuming that you will use mild soap and body wash.

If you are to spend some time out, ensure that you apply oil-free moisturizer. This will eliminate the need for too much sebum. Sunscreens also help a lot. But just like makeup, sunscreens can block skin pores when overused.

The very moment you identify symptoms of body acne, seek the available treatment options immediately. Acne gets worse with time. In fact, cystic acne will only develop when mild acne is left unaddressed.

Generally, get to learn all possible body acne causes. You find that more than one factor are usually to be blamed for acne flare-ups. You can always consult your doctor when not certain.

Final thoughts
Just like on the face, body acne is very common. Treatment options are available and most of the times affordable.

All the same, body acne can persist if the right measures are not taken. In fact, severe acne is more likely to develop if the initial pimples are ignored.

Skin conditions are not as cheap to treat in a hospital as you might hope, especially when left to get worse. For example, the cost of acne scar removal averages at $1000 with laser surgery. Bearing in mind that body acne scar wash and removal products never work, laser and dermal fillers may be the only option. it is the same with wart removal cost and related conditions like skin tags.