How to get rid of blood blister on or inside lips: causes, treatment, pictures.

Blood blisters can appear anywhere on the skin. Most of them are raised above the skin while others are flat. They are filled with blister fluid and blood.

On the mouth, blood blisters can appear on or inside the lips. They are not dangerous but can be a source of discomfort and embarrassment.

There is no cure for a blood blister on or inside the lip. In any case, it is not a disease but rather a condition. However, there are a number of treatments for how to get rid of such blisters.

Causes of blood blister on lip or inside lip

Pictures on the different forms of blood blisters that can appear on the mouth are helpful when it comes to self-diagnosis. Below are common causes of blisters on the lip or inside the lip:


Accidental bites can for example cause a blood blister inside the lip. The same can be said about other sources of trauma such as hot drinks and similar issues. Physical injuries account for most cases of blood blisters on the skin.

Food allergies and irritation

Blisters on the lips can be due to allergic reaction to some foods or even medications. They can also be caused by irritation resulting from spicy or salty food.

Smoking and excessive drinking

Cigarette smoke and alcohol have been associated with blistering on the lips. The blisters start as white bumps but turn dark with time.


If a blister on the lips is accompanied by mouth lumps, oral ulcers, swelling in the jaw and white patches on the lips, it could be a sign of lip cancer.

Lip piercing

Piercing the lips encourages bacterial and viral infections. If a blister on the lip develops some time after a piercing, it is probably a sign of infection.


The most common disease that causes blisters on the lips is herpes. The blisters will be accompanied by other symptoms such as fever and fatigue. Herpes is contagious.


Changes in hormonal levels such as those experienced during pregnancy can cause blisters on the lips. It is not known what exactly triggers this effect. Other than on the lip, a red blood blister on the breast can also develop.

Canker sores

Canker sores are triggered by factors such as stress, hormonal changes and over exposure to sun. As the name suggests, sores rather than blisters will develop.

Low platelets count

Platelets prevent excess bleeding. In their deficiency, a blood blister on the face and in the mouth will appear. Other symptoms include excessive bleeding, red skin spots, and blood blisters on other body parts.

Treatments for blood blister on lip

Painkillers can be prescribed in case of painful blisters. This is especially when they are caused by STDs or physical injuries.

In some cases, topical medications to relieve the itch and lessen inflammation can be prescribed. Prescription oral pills and injections may be considered if the blisters are not responding to ointments and creams.

Blisters on the lips caused by nutritional disorders can be treated with vitamin and mineral supplements. For example, lack of vitamin C causes blood blisters under the skin. This condition is called scurvy. It can be treated with vitamin C supplements.

Antibiotics are used to treat infected blisters on the lip. Mild ones are available over the counter.

The above mentioned treatments are effective when in comes to how to get rid of a blood blister on the lip. These, however, don’t address the root causes. To that end, medical attention must be sought to address the underlying causes such as STDs.

How to get rid of blood blister inside lip or on lip

Several methods for how to get rid of a blood blister inside the lip can be relied on. They include:

Treatment with ice

Treatment with ice helps ease pain and also reduces inflammation. It is very effective especially if done immediately after the blister is sustained. In absence of ice cubes, a cold spoon can be used.

Protecting from injury

At any cost, a blood blister on lip should be kept from further trauma. For example, spicy or salty foods should be avoided, make sure to keep away from allergens and other such measures. If occurring on the outer side of the lips, a bandage can be applied to protect it the blister from rupture.

Allowing enough aeration

Allowing the blister space to breathe quickens the healing process. It makes the blister dry out quicker and burst its own.

Treatment with home remedies

Several home remedies have been identified as effective treatments to treat blisters on the lips. They help speed up the recovery process as well as keep from infections.

Modifying lifestyles

Lifestyle choices play crucial roles in our well-being. Try as much as you can to keep up with healthier choices such as not smoking, not abusing alcohol, getting medical treatment for diseases and so on. This will keep the body in a good shape to fight immune-suppressing diseases which may cause blood blisters.

How to treat blood blister on lip with home remedies

As to how to treat a blood blister on the lip with home remedies, the following methods can be used:

  • Take a teaspoon of turmeric powder and add it to rose water. To the paste, add a bit of raw honey. Apply the paste to the blister 2 times in a day.
  • Turmeric can alternatively be added to a glass of milk and be drunk before bed.
  • Get fresh aloe Vera leaves. Squeeze the gel and massage it all over the blister. This will keep away infections as well as soothe the blister. Aloe Vera has been used for centuries. It is mild enough to be used for blood blister on the penis or on the face. You can also rely on purchased aloe gel.
  • Massage juice from witch hazel all over the blister. The juice will draw the fluid from the blisters to dry them out naturally. This application can be done 3 times in a day.
  • Slice a cucumber piece and hold it on the blister for 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure every day till the blister clears. Cucumber can also be taken in form of juice.
  • Make Epsom salt solution and use it to rinse your mouth. This is effective for a blood blister inside the lip. The treatment dehydrates the blister, making it heal much faster.
  • Add an equal amount of water to tea tree oil. Swirl the solution in the mouth and hold it for a few minutes. It will kill off bacteria and fungi potentially accumulated on the blister.

Removing blood blister on lip by popping

Popping a blood blister may seem like a faster treatment option. But when removing a blood blister near or on the lips, it is definitely a bad idea.

Opening the blister gives access to all sorts of germs, especially viruses and bacteria. It is the same thing that happens during lip piercing. Since the mouth is always wet, many types of microbes thrive in and around it. They will enter the body system at the first chance they get.

It happens that blisters on the lips can pop on their own. They can also get popped accidentally. If that happens, just ensure to take necessary precautions to keep the blister disinfected. You can consider medicated mouthwashes or toothpastes for example.

When to get medical treatment for a blood blister on lip

First of all, how long does a blood blister last? Blood blisters can take up to a month and a half to heal completely. On the lips and mouth, they can heal in 3 weeks.

Medical attention is necessary when the blisters are painful, not healing, swelling, forming pus and accompanied by other symptoms. It is very important that you watch the progress as you continue with treatment.

It is common to see blood blisters on the lips of children. In that case, avoid home treatment. Kids will rarely cause physical injuries to their lips. Blisters therefore are most probably signs of an infection or a health condition. Consult your doctor in such cases.