How to get rid of blood blister inside cheek: treatments and removing tips.

It is common to have a blood blister inside the cheek. In most cases, such a blister should not be alarming, but under certain conditions, precautions and treatment should be addressed.

Generally, blood blisters develop when tiny blood vessels under the skin rupture and spill blood. The blood collects and forms a bubble-like red bump. With time, the blood gets reabsorbed and the blister heals on its own. Alternatively, it can also pop and drain.

Like several other skin conditions, a blood blister inside the cheek has no cure. It is actually not a disease. Available treatment options seek to encourage natural healing, relieve pain and keep from infection.

What causes a blood blister inside the cheek

Any of the following can cause a blood blister inside the cheek:

Friction and trauma

Constant rubbing against teeth can for example cause blisters inside the cheek. The same can happen when chewing hard or foreign objects.

Trauma can be caused by accidental biting on the inside of the cheeks. This may be encouraged by ill-fitting dental plates.


Hot food inflicts burns on the surface of the inside cheeks. Blood blisters may develop during the healing process. Spicy, acidic and allergic foods damage the skin tissues of the inside cheeks.

Medical conditions

Oral ulcers are a good example in this case. Angina Bullosa Haemorrhagica causes a sudden outburst of blood blisters on the inside of the cheeks and mouth. Oral cancer can also cause a blood blister. In this case, it will be accompanied by symptoms such as lump on the jaw and white patches on the cheek.

Diabetes and HIV cause various changes in the body. Such changes can include blood blisters on the inside of the cheeks.

Low platelets count

Platelets are components in the blood that keep it from clotting and vice versa when injured. In their deficiency, blood blisters appear on soft skin areas such as inside the cheeks and lips.

Vitamin deficiency

Lack of vitamin B12 causes accumulation of blood in the cheeks. Lack of vitamin C on the other hand leads to scurvy. One of scurvy symptoms is blood blisters under the skin, which are likely to appear on the inside of the cheeks.

Medical blood blister inside cheek treatment

Medical treatment for a blood blister inside the cheek is only necessary if the blister is showing the following signs:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Forming pus
  • Causing red streaks on the surrounding areas
  • Recurrent or in clusters
  • Seem to have no particular cause
  • Has popped
  • Is accompanied by other symptoms that can be associated with medical conditions

Your doctor is likely going to prescribe pain medications and antibiotics. They can also opt for medicated mouthwashes or toothpastes.

Prescription medications may be necessary if another disease such as herpes is involved. Herpes is what causes blood blisters on the scrotum.

How to care for blood blister inside cheek

Taking good care of a blood blister inside the cheek is perhaps the best of all treatment options. For one, it will quicken the healing process. It will also help avoid infections.

Start by eradicating all sources of unnecessary friction. You can even consider having your dental plates fixed.

Make sure that the skin tissue on the inside cheeks is not exposed to trauma. For example, avoid too much salt or spices in your food. Go for organic rather than preserved food products.

Rather than using toothbrushes, consider medicated mouthwashes. You can always use your fingers when cleaning your teeth.

Increase the availability of vitamins and minerals in your diets. In fact, try supplements in case the blisters are due to vitamin deficiency. Supplements address a deficiency much faster than foods.

Consult your doctor if any complications, however small, arise when attempting to treat blood blisters on the inside cheeks. If prescribed, keep up with treatment for the entire instructed period.

Should you pop a blood blister inside cheek?

It will be very ill-advised to pop a blister inside the cheek. In fact, the blister will heal faster if left alone than it will after being popped.

Too many bacteria thrive in the mouth. Not all of them are dangerous. In fact, a smaller percentage of them are dangerous than are not. However, even a single bacteria strain can cause far reaching consequences if it was to infect a blood blister inside the cheek.

Apart from bacteria, quite a number of viral infections can be transmitted through one skin areas in the mouth. Herpes is a good example.

It is likely that you will keep feeling the blister on the inside of the cheeks. This can be irritating and urging to get the blister popped. However much the urge, just let it heal on its own. The same can be said about a blood blister in mouth.

If the blister is to pop on its own, which often happens, consider antibacterial mouthwashes. Quite a number of home remedies can also help in this situation.

Removing a blood blister inside the cheek with home remedies

Normal blood blisters inside the cheek can be removed at home. This is as long as their cause can be explained. Below are ways of removing such blood blisters:

Compress some ice wrapped in a plastic bag on the blister. Alternatively, you can use a spoon kept in a refrigerator for about 10 minutes. This cold compress treatment relieves pain and reduces swelling. Since this treatment method is very safe, it can help when treating blood blister on the penis.

Apply aloe Vera gel on the blisters. Aloe gel acts as an anti-inflammatory. It also keeps bacteria from infecting the blister. Use fresh gel from the leaves if available. Purchased gel will still do however.

You can make a DIY mouthwash with baking soda for removing blood blisters inside cheeks. It only requires you to make a solution of baking soda with water. Use the solution as a mouthwash twice a day.

Take a teaspoonful of turmeric powder and add it to some glycerin to form a paste. Apply the paste directly to the blood blister on the inside of the cheek. This combo is very effective when it comes to removing blood blisters inside the cheeks fast.

Try rubbing witch hazel extract on the blisters. Witch hazel is a very strong herbal antiseptic. Furthermore, it reduces inflammations such as formed on inside cheeks by blood blisters. Due to its antiseptic properties, witch hazel is a good how to treat a blood blister on the toe and feet option.

Cheek treatment at home can also be done with sandalwood paste. To make the paste, add enough sandalwood powder in rose water to make a paste. Apply the paste directly to the blood blister. The paste can help a lot in the case that the blister is throbbing or painful.

Swirl a solution of Epsom salt in the mouth and hold it for about 10 minutes. Repeated about 3 times a day, this cheek treatment for blood blisters will keep them dry enough to heal in time.

Finally, consider drinking green tea either daily or twice a day. This will keep the blisters from inflaming further.

Removing a blood blister on the inside of the cheeks summary

  • Blood blisters on the inside of the cheeks are common and most not dangerous. Most will heal on their own.
  • If caused by medical conditions, a doctor should be consulted. The common tell-tale signs are other symptoms such as fever or swollen lymph nodes.
  • Popping a blister in any part of the mouth is a bad idea.
  • Home remedies can help greatly when it comes to mouth or cheek blood blisters treatment.