Home Remedy and Removal Methods for Moles, Skin Tags and Warts under Arms.

A skin tag is a tumor, but a benign one. When it occurs on the armpits, it is susceptible to friction and heat, a fact that may make it bleed and cause pain. If left untreated, skin tags under the arms may form clusters and increase irritation.

Under arms are also prone to warts and moles. See descriptive pictures for more details on what the three infections look like.

How to remove skin tags under arms

For a skin tag under the armpit, three main removal methods are available. They include:

  • Tying the skin tags – This is a simple procedure. It involves tying the stalks of the skin tags with a string and leaving the tags to fall off on their own. When the stalk of a skin tag is tied, it cuts off the supply of nutrients to the skin tag cells. Eventually, all the cells will die off, and the skin tag along with them. It is a simple procedure, one you can use as a home remedy. You may feel a little pain or discomfort in the initial moments of tying off the tag.
  • Chemical peels – Literally speaking, using chemical peels is the same as applying an acid to corrode an unwanted feature of the skin. The difference with common acids and chemical peels for skin tags removal is that the latter is controlled in its concentration. You can use chemical peels in both your right armpit and left armpit. With time, the skin tags will be corroded, layer after layer, until nothing remains of them.
  • Tea tree oil – This home remedy works best for skin tags appearing in either armpit. Although its effects do not come immediately, it can successfully clear off a mild infestation of skin tags on the under arms. This home remedy is best when it comes to removing a skin tag on eyelid or on other sensitive parts of the body.

How to remove mole under the armpit

A mole under the armpit may cause irritation and concerns as to whether it is a tumor or not. If you are having doubts as to whether it actually is a mole or a tumor, it is better to have it checked in a hospital.

If you are assured that it is just a normal mole, you can easily remove it with an apple cider vinegar home remedy. Mole removal at home should only be done for non-malignant tumors. Below is a guide on how to remove moles under the armpit:

  • Wash clean your armpit, especially the area affected by the mole
  • Soak a cotton ball in a solution of apple cider vinegar; here, it is important that you check the concentration of the apple juice vinegar, since it can cause skin irritation.
  • Trim the cotton ball so that it fits the entire surface area of the mole
  • Carefully place the cotton ball on the mole and bandage it in place
  • Keep replacing the cotton ball and bandage on daily basis until the mole withers off completely
  • Ensure that parts of your underarms that are not affected are not covered by the cotton ball with apple cider vinegar. This may cause unnecessary irritation to the non-affected parts of the skin
  • If the mole persists, have it checked by a doctor. The doctor may recommend a surgical removal or a freeze treatment method

How to remove warts under the armpit

Warts rarely cause pain and sometimes can go unnoticed. However, they tend to increase in number when left untreated. It is important to learn ways of how to remove warts, especially when they occur in sensitive areas like under the arms or in genital areas. Since warts are caused by a strain of viruses, it is important that they get treated in a hospital. Below are the available removal methods for a wart under armpit:

  • Surgery – This involves surgically cutting the warts off.
  • Freezing – This can be done in a hospital or at home with an over the counter wart freeze home remedy.
  • Burning – It is not literal burning. It involves passing a controlled amount of current through a conductor, which in turn heats up and is used to burn off the wart.