Home remedies for Acne – how to get rid fast, overnight at home.

Over 80% of the world’s population will experience acne outbreaks somewhere in their lifespans. Generally, zits, pimples and papules are described as acne. Other related conditions you may want to learn more about include rashes, lupus rash, skin tags, moles and razor burn.

This skin condition results from blockage of skin pores as a result of sebum, bacteria and skin dirt getting trapped in the pores. As the immune system moves to deal with the phenomenon, bumps around the pores are created.

Treating acne conventionally is always an option. The problem is that side effects such as dried and irritated skin often tend to result. On top of that, the treatment option is sometimes more expensive than many people can afford or are willing to go ahead with.

It is for such reasons that a larger population has turned attention to home remedies for acne. Currently, there are floods of suggestions and alternatives you will come across especially online.

8 Best home remedies for natural acne removal

The list below is ranked in no particular order. You can try any of the remedies depending on your preference or the availability of the remedy.

One way you can use honey against acne is by applying it directly to the area of interest. It has a soothing effect and can in fact reduce redness.
The other better approach is to make a face mask with honey and cinnamon. This combination will fight off acne-causing bacteria and also promote skin heath.
To make the mask, add a tablespoon of cinnamon to two of honey. This will form a paste, which you are to apply on the face. Leave it for about 20 minutes and then wash clean.

Tea tree oil
Having both anti-microbial and anti-inflammation properties, tea tree oil may prove the best remedy to fight acne in the long term. What’s more, it is very mild and will rarely irritate the skin.
For best results, dilute it with water in ratio of 1:9. Use a cotton ball or washcloth to apply it on the affected areas two times in a day. You can always moisturize if desired.
This remedy may not work as fast as topical creams but will eradicate the issue of skin dryness. Additionally, it will largely inhibit the spread of acne.

Apple cider vinegar
You may have come across this remedy as an option to removing moles. It is not without a good reason.
Naturally, ACV is acidic. This means that it will corrode the parts of the skin to which it is applied. Through this effect, ACV can help you get rid of even the most notorious acne that may have been a nuisance for long.
To use it, dilute it with water in the ratio of 1:3. You can always use more water if your skin is very sensitive. On your well cleansed and dried skin, use a cotton ball to apply the solution. Leave it for not more than half a minute and then wash clean. Repeat this treatment 2 times in a day.
Note that apple cider vinegar is corrosive in nature. Always try this solution on the back of your hand or back of the ear to observe its reaction with your skin.

Witch hazel
A natural product cannot be dubbed “witch” for nothing. Well, extracts from this shrub can help you get rid of a range of skin related issues such as eczema and, more importantly, acne.
Boil a cup of water to which a tablespoon of witch hazel has been added. After the mixture has boiled and cooled, apply to the affected area two times in a day. It is very mild and will work even for facial acne.

Green tea
Any remedy that can fight inflammations and also reduce the proliferation of bacteria on the skin is a potential best remedy for acne. As it happens, green tea can do just that.
To use it, brew the tea for about 5 minutes. Once it has cooled, apply it on the skin with a cotton ball or a washcloth.
Green tea is likely to work better when used with another acne fighting remedy rather when used all on its own.

Aloe Vera
This is definitely the best remedy you want to go for in relation to soothing burns and skin redness. It is a powerful anti-microbial and a skin soother.
For face and body acne, aloe works very similarly to salicylic acid containing products. The great thing is that it will not produce the side effects associated with such products.
Although many products contain aloe in them, always prioritize on fresh gel from the plant itself. It is extremely mild but effective and can be used for baby acne or moles under the armpit, just to name a few.

Aspirin contains salicylic acid, the same compound found in chemical peels for acne. Rather than taking it in form of pills, crush the pills and make a paste out of them. Apply the paste to the areas of interest.
4 pills used with 2 tbsp. of water will make the right paste you need to remove acne.

Lemon and baking soda
There are definitely issues with these two commonly advertised home remedies for acne. The problem is that the two mostly end up causing acne scars in the end, due to the high acidity that can irritate acne. Use them as a last option or just avoid them altogether.

For lemon, you can apply the juice directly to the skin. For baking soda, make a paste with lemon juice and cinnamon and apply it to the acne.

How to get rid of acne overnight at home

Even though the above described remedies can prove effective enough even on their own, much better results can be enjoyed by giving it a more strategic approach.
Here is a way on how to get rid of acne fast at home:
You will need four main ingredients:

  • Apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp.)
  • Essential oil (e.g. lavender oil, 15 drops)
  • Carrier oil (e.g. castor oil, 1 tbsp.)
  • Honey (3 tbsp.)

Make a fine mixture from the four ingredients. Store the same in a glass container, where you can monitor any changes which may indicate that it is going bad.
Rinse a washcloth in warm water and cover your face with the same for about 10 minutes. You can extend to the neck for body acne.
You can always consider heat treatment with steam for better results.
After that, apply some drops of the mixture you made to the washcloth and massage the face with the same.

How to get rid of acne overnight at home

Many people are interested in ways on how to get rid of acne overnight at home. Unfortunately, the many methods you will find described will probably not succeed in such a venture.
The problem is that acne is a natural body process. Unless the root cause is addressed, how to get rid of acne overnight is likely to prove harder than it sounds. Note that prevention measures even extend to things like getting rubeola vaccine and such.

Below are options to how to get rid of acne overnight at home:

Cleanse regularly
Try a cleansing recipe such as described above regularly. It keeps bacteria at bay, soothes the skin and also deals with any form of inflammation that may be rooming.

Keep up with toning
For face acne, one of the best ways to remove them overnight is to maintain a toning schedule. Preferably, use apple cider vinegar with honey for this purpose.

Remember to exfoliate
For severe acne, you can go for store-bought scrubs to help you exfoliate your skin. For more normal or mild cases, however, you can always do it the traditional way. It keeps skin pores open.

Try disinfecting
Bacteria are a main cause of severe acne. Try essential oils and antibacterial soaps. They will help get rid of or control bacterial invasions. This is also an important part in a vaginal skin tags removal program.

Keep the skin hydrated
Dehydration forces more sebum to be produced. For body acne, consider using moisturizers to keep the skin from drying out.

Exercise regularly
One of the most effective ways with which you can get rid of acne fast is to maintain aerobic exercises. They liquefy sebum and force it out of pores where it has been trapped. What’s more, it will keep you from stress, a notorious acne causal factor.

Review your diet
Diets heavy in oils will definitely cause more acne outbreaks. It is worst with processed and sugary foods. Also you may want to avoid dairy and gluten products. Lean more towards fruits and veggies.

Get enough sleep
Enough rest and sleep will have your body balance its chemicals as they should be. It will also give enough time for the immune system to get rid of acne causing bacteria.

Other home remedies to get rid of acne fast

Other remedies you may consider include:

Supplementing with zinc has a lot of health benefits such as boosting immunity and leveling hormones. It may be very effective for adult acne related to PMS and adolescence.

Omega 3s
There is no exhausting all the health benefits to be gained from these fatty acids. For one, they will boost the immune system and fight inflammations. They will also help maintain a healthy skin among many other anti-acne related benefits. In fact, omega-3s make an important part of home lupus treatment options.

Omega 3s can be sourced from supplements or food products such as tuna, salmon, flaxseeds or walnuts. They may be the best remedy for baby acne.

Try a combination
Better results can always be arrived at using a combination of acne removal techniques and products. The most important thing is to ensure that the final removal option will not be of more harm than good.

For severe acne, you may have to see a dermatologist in the long run. This is to avoid the possibility of needing to return for how to remove scars and such issues.

For buttocks-centered acne, salicylic acid peels seem to work much better. However, you can try soothing with essential oils and wait for them to clear on their own.

If you are not certain as to what the best treatment for acne is best to go for, you can always check with your dermatologist.