Filiform Warts Removal – All Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Home Remedies.

The appearance of filiform warts is a bit unique compared to other types of warts. They are characterized by long projections which can measure up to 2 mm. The warts in most cases occur singly and can be brown, yellow, pink or just take on the color of the skin where they occur.

This type of wart tends to appear on the eyelids, legs and lips. They can also appear on the neck and other parts of the body. Images and pictures for filiform warts show a single skin projection attached to the eyelid or any other part of the body.

Like other warts, they are caused by HPV virus. This is a very contagious virus that mostly stays dormant in the body but constantly launches attacks when triggered. Warts are benign. They can however be a source of discomfort and irritation.

What causes filiform warts?

About 5 strains of HPV virus are known to cause filiform warts. Some people will contract the viruses but fail to develop the symptoms of filiform warts.

Others will show the symptoms about 2 weeks after exposure to the virus.
Here are the main causes or rather the modes of transmission:

  • Moist or warm skin
  • Open wounds or cuts
  • Illnesses and other factors that may weaken your immune system
  • Prolonged exposure to the virus

Skin to skin contact is the main mode of transmission. The above listed factors will in turn increase the chances of having the virus enter the body system.

Treatment and filiform wart removal

Filiform wart removal approaches only get rid of the warts, not the virus. It is actually not currently possible to remove any strain of virus from the human body once it has entered. It is for this reason that prevention methods are advised.

In a hospital, filiform wart removal can be done successfully by a doctor. Depending on the part of the body where the wart is located, the following treatment methods will be available:

Most types of warts, including ones occurring on the face or the lips, can be successfully treated through this method. This method involves killing off the warts with liquid nitrogen. This is an extremely cold substance that will be sprayed on the wart. Skin tags on the face are also commonly treated with liquid nitrogen.

This is a common filiform wart removal option. It involves burning the wart with electricity and heat. The wart may also need to be scraped prior to and after the operation.

This is a minor surgery that sees the doctor cut off the filiform warts with a scalpel or razor. It may call for anesthesia in case of multiple warts.

Use of cantharidin
This is a substance commonly used to get rid of filiform warts. Basically, the substance will be applied on the surface of the warts. This will kill them off after several days, after which they detach from the skin.

Duct tape wart removal
This involves covering the wart with duct tape. The tape should be left in place for about six days, after which it should be removed, letting the wart rest for 12 hours,  before the process is repeated until the wart is gone.

How to get rid of filiform warts on the face

Freezing kits
These are available over the counter and can be used to get rid of filiform warts. However, they are not recommended for warts on the lip, eye or elsewhere on the face. In fact, they only will work best for warts occurring on the hands. This is because you will need to scrape the warts, preferably with a pumice stone. Sores caused by herpes on the legs can also be treated this way

Topical medications
Topical medications are common wart removal options. They may need a doctor’s prescription. Benzoyl peroxide is a common ingredient in such medications. If buying them over the counter, ensure that its concentration is 5% and above. They work by dissolving the layers of the wart gradually.
Use of salicylic acid
You can also use salicylic acid for ripping off skin tags. The acid can be accessed in creams which can in turn be applied on the wart. With time, it will peel off and ultimately disappear.

Removing filiform warts on eyelid

It might be quite challenging to remove filiform warts that occur on the eyelid. In fact, you may have to seek medical attention or just wait for it to clear on its own.
At the same time, you still can choose any of the following home remedies:
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is unlikely to be harmful to eyes. It will be for the best if you can access the gel directly from the plant itself. From there, just apply the gel to the wart. It is also one of the most effective natural ringworm medications available.
Bee propolis
Some reviews suggest that this remedy can succeed in removing filiform warts. It should be applied several times a day.

Pineapple juice
This is a natural product that is not likely to cause harm to the eye. Apply the juice in drops on the wart a couple of times in a day.
Apple cider vinegar
This is a common warts and skin tags remover. The problem is that it can cause a burning effect on healthy skin. It also should be avoided for warts occurring on the lip, on the eyes or even for herpes on the penis.

How to prevent filiform warts’ contagious spread

The virus that causes warts is very contagious. In fact, they will not only be spread to other people but also to other body parts. Here are some of the methods you can use to contain the contagious spread of filiform warts:

  • Maintain personal hygiene such as not sharing towels and always washing your hands, especially after touching the warts.
  • Avoid picking at the warts. As well as spreading them, it will also irritate them.
  • Boost your immune system. This can be achieved by eating a healthy diet and getting medications for serious illnesses such as hepatitis and HIV.
  • Get medical attention for warts that won’t respond to home remedies and over the counter medications.

Final thoughts

Filiform warts mainly appear on the eyelids, hands, neck, lips, or even legs. They can be spread from one person to another or to other body parts. Maintaining personal hygiene and the right treatment options can help in reducing the spread of the warts.

For warts that are causing discomfort such as pain in the eyes, blurred vision or infected ones, get clinical treatment. In fact, it is not advised to treat filiform warts on eyelid with home remedies. Such remedies may cause eye infections or cause blockage to tear and oil glands. This will result in eye styes or pimples.