Essential Oils For Warts, Skin Tags and Moles – How to Effectively Use Them.

Essential oils are distilled, naturally occurring oils that are extracted from their source, and carrying the fragrance of their individual source. In most cases, these oils are extracted from plants believed to have medicinal value. They have in the recent past gained popularity in the medicinal market. It is important though to note that “natural” is not an equivalent of “safe.” In fact, such oils have in several cases been reported to bring about allergic reactions or irritations to the skin. This article discusses the various essential oils available as remedies for skin tags, warts and moles.

5 best essential oils to remove skin ailments

Even with the many essential oils claiming to have the best healing abilities for the skin, several of them stand out above the rest, having stood the test of time, and gained a respectable number of loyal users in that period. They include:

  • Australian tea tree oil – It gets its name from the fact that the plant it is extracted from is a native of Australia. This essential oil is believed to have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It also produces minimal side effects and it is not likely to cause irritation to the skin.
  • Oregano oil – It contains an acid, phenolic acid, which gives it incredible medicinal properties. For example, this acid acts as an antioxidant and anti-bacterial. It also acts as a simple antiseptic remedy.
  • Castor oil – It is one of the few essential oils that is not a topical medication. This means that you can take orally. It is for this fact that castor oil is beloved among many people who are interested in keeping their lives natural.
  • Rose hip seed oil – Rich in vitamin C, this essential oil definitely earns a place in the list of oils to remove common skin ailments. Vitamin C is responsible for skin health as well as the eradication of scurvy.
  • Frankincense essential oil – A strong anti-inflammatory essential oil, this remedy is famous for its effective tag removal abilities. It also helps improve skin pigmentation and make the skin appear hydrated.

How to remove warts with essential oils for warts

There are many types of warts. All result from the HPV virus. They can be identified by the parts of the body that they affect. For example, plantar warts attack the soles of the feet, genital warts attack genital areas, and so on. All these types can be effectively treated using a combination of an essential oil with another oil or with a different product. This is the process to follow to remove warts with essential oils.

Apple cider vinegar is so effective a solution that we can’t go without mentioning it. Since it may corrode parts of the skin not initially intended to feel the effects, it is important that an essential oil like lavender be used alongside this remedy. The next paragraph discusses how to make an effective wart removal cider vinegar solution.

Prepare a solution of apple cider vinegar in a small container. This remedy contains acidic properties that achieve wart removal by corroding and softening them. Add oregano and frankincense oils to the solution. The former will attack the HPV virus, while the latter will act as an antiseptic. You can also add coconut oil, to aid in fighting off any fungal invasion. It also can be used as a solution on how to treat boils.

Before applying the solution, do a thorough cleaning of the affected area. It is advised that you let the area dry off on its own, to avoid contamination by drying it manually. Soak a fresh cotton ball, preferably of the same size with the wart, with the solution prepared in the earlier steps. Carefully place the cotton on top of the wart and hold it in place with a fresh bandage. Keep changing the cotton ball and the bandage on a daily basis until the wart clears off.

Refrain from using oregano when treating genital warts. Instead use it for warts on the feet or for wart under armpit removal.

Tag removal with essential oils for skin tags

Tag removal is not complicated when you have the right remedies and the best essential oils. You can decide to use a single essential oil or use several of them in a combination. Results vary from individual to individual and depend on the manner of application.

Castor oil and tea tree oil are the main players in essential oils for skin tags. For castor oil, use it alongside baking soda. You will be required to make a paste out of the two. From there, keep applying the paste to the skin tags until they fall off the skin.

For tea tree oil, tag removal can be achieved with a period of 3 weeks. All that you need to do is cover the tags with a cotton ball soaked in a tea tree oil solution. The cotton ball should be held in place with a bandage. The two should be changed on daily basis.

You can also opt to use apple cider vinegar. To make it more effective, add an essential oil like the frankincense essential oil. Within days of the right combination and application of the two, the skin tags will fall off the skin.

Essential oils for moles; oils to remove moles fast

There is no lack of options to choose from when it comes to oils to remove moles quickly. As it is with oils to get rid of warts and skin tags, you are free to choose whether to specifically use essential oils for moles or use a combination of the oils and other remedies.

A combination of frankincense essential oil and lavender essential oil works best. Into the mixture, add a cup of baking soda and you are ready to go. This remedy should be used in daily baths. Ensure that the affected areas are cleaned using this solution daily.

Oregano essential oil can also be used alongside lavender oil to get rid of moles. Here, directly soak a cotton ball with the oregano essential oil and bandage it on the mole. Lavender oil is essential in reducing irritation or any burning effect that might result from oregano essential oil.

Lastly, a combination of castor oil and baking soda can be used. Make a paste out of the baking soda and the castor oil. Apply this paste directly to the mole. If the right proportions of baking soda and castor oil have been used, it will be almost impossible to differentiate the paste from an over the counter mole removal cream. Apple cider vinegar is also very effective in clearing moles from the skin. It should, however, not be used without also using an essential oil. This is because the remedy is corrosive and may end up causing irritation to the skin. Make use of lavender essential oil or coconut oil when using apple cider vinegar.

In all these cases, it is important to keep repeating the processes till the skin tag, mole or wart has cleared off completely. In the case of warts for example, more warts outbreaks are likely to occur even after treatment. For best results, use different products in each and every case. This will ensure that the virus doesn’t become resistant to a common solution. In some cases, it may take up to 6 weeks, so do not give up immaturely.


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