Cost of Laser treatment, laser surgery and laser therapy for Acne.

Acne laser treatment is usually aimed at getting rid of scars and spots left behind after acne has healed over. It is a very effective removal method but may not work on indented or deeply depressed scars. In that case, dermal fillers are better suited. Scars are very common even with common skin disorders.

However, some laser therapies can still be used for acne treatment.

One of the main advantages of laser surgery is that it doesn’t involve wounds like the typical surgery we are used to. In any case, not a lot of people find surgical operations that attractive of an idea.

A complete round of laser therapy to get rid of acne scars requires about 10 appointments for complete removal. It was introduced back in 1980s. Initially, scars used to come back after about a year. Improvements have now seen laser surgery for acne removal become very effective and a major scars and spots removal method.

A quick history of acne laser treatment and therapy

Initially, laser acne scar removal involved killing the layers that lay below the part of the skin where a scar had formed. This succeeded in inhibiting production of a skin tissue known as collagen. As a result, the poisoned part of the skin shed off, allowing the healthy one to replace it. With time, however, the removed scars would re-appear.

Eventually, it was realized that poisoning the blood rather than skin tissue would produce better results. From there, laser removal involved inhibiting blood supply to the affected skin tissue rather than directly killing it off. As a result, the tissue would shed off and be replaced by non-scarred, healthy tissue.

To keep healthy skin from over-growing, carbon lapser poisoning was introduced. With the technique, healthy skin tissue would be controlled to grow to the same level with normal skin.

As it currently stands, successful laser surgery for acne removal can be done in a complete round of laser therapy. The therapy involves several appointments and the use of creams to promote development of healthy and normal skin. This type of surgery can also be used for other types of scars such as ones left behind after you get rid of ringworm.

How does laser acne scar removal work

Basically, laser acne scar removal involves burning a pinpointed part of the skin with high energy light beams.

The fact that lasers can be directed to a specific point is its main advantage and perhaps also a disadvantage. As it was with the initial technology, laser beams would be directed to a small part of the skin where acne scar had been left.

Since these are high energy light beams, they would heat up the targeted area. This would literally burn the target area and kill cells in the process. In response, the body would send immune cells to digest the dead skin. It is for this reason that scars kept coming back. When immune cells digest dead skin, new tissues known as keloids are produced. These are tougher and slightly different from the rest of the skin.

As it is with current models, hemoglobin rather than skin tissue is targeted. In this way, there will be no dead skin left behind, so immune cells will have nothing to digest. With time, a healthy skin tissue can develop to take the place of the shed one.

Since continuous use of laser beams can kill off even healthy skin tissues, it has to be done in pulses. For this reason, up to 10 appointments are called for.

Laser acne scar removal before and after results

Below are laser treatment before and after acne scar removal expectations:

  • Laser removal for acne and acne scars will not involve wounds and bleeding. If you are not attracted to the idea of dermabrasion, it might be the best operation for you.
  • A complete laser therapy has about an 80% chance of success. In most people, improvements are reported. This is where other treatments such as steroid creams are used.
  • Asian, white, or Caucasian individuals with lighter skin get the best results. Dark skinned individuals have about 50% less chances of getting full scar clearing. This is because dark skins develop scar tissues known as keloids. They are very tough and may require micro peel lasers and other extreme treatment laser beams.
  • Complete laser therapy involves a couple of treatments and several appointments. Your doctor will take you through what you need to do. The guidelines are to be followed to the letter for best results.
  • It may require up to 3 months of continued treatment and after care services for complete acne scar removal.
  • Tips to prevent from acne such as taking good care of the skin are necessary for best laser therapy results.
  • There are some side effects to be expected. For example, some people report some burn related pain and discomfort after the laser treatments. Changes in skin pigmentation may also be noticed. It is very important that the surgery be conducted by a qualified dermatologist.

Be sure to browse through some before and after treatment pictures. You can also consider reading through reviews from individuals who have tried this treatment before.

Types of acne laser treatment and laser removal options

As mentioned earlier, laser surgery for acne removal is also a possible option to consider. However, it may not be as effective as laser acne scars removal is. Below are the available options:

Use of visible light
In this case, light rays varying in color are used to treat pimples. It is rarely used against most types of acne because it is not all that effective.

Use of infrared
This is light with a different wavelength than that of visible light. It is most commonly used for simple pimples such as to getting rid of razor bumps fast but doesn’t work on either inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne.

Over the counter devices
Some LED devices can be bought and be used at home. They are used to get rid of pimples. For acne, LED devices to be used at home are largely ineffective.

Photopneumatic therapy
During the therapy, a device is used to create a vacuum in the pimples. This works by drawing clogged dirt towards the surface. After that, specific type of laser beams is shone on the pimples. It is not effective against nodules and cysts.

This is a complete therapy for acne removal. At first, the doctor will increase skin’s sensitivity to light with some solution. After that, a specific wavelength of light will be directed to the treated part of the skin. The method typically works just as laser for acne scar removal works. It has been shown to be very effective in treating severe acne. In fact, it can also be used to kill over-active sebaceous glands.

Acne laser removal cost

Skin conditions can sometimes prove more expensive to get rid of than expected. It is the same case with skin tags and mole removal cost.

Acne laser removal cost is higher than most can afford or are willing to part with. Each appointment may cost from $80 to $500. To get rid of acne completely, up to 8 sessions may be required.

The cost to remove acne scars with a laser is also expensive. Sessions can cost up to $1000 per session. Up to 10 of them may be required for complete scar removal.

Always weigh your options before going ahead with laser surgery. For example, a micro laser peel can succeed in not only removing acne scars but also other forms of skin discolorations such as causes psoriasis, age spots and even wrinkles. It can literally return your look to the appearance of youth. However, you will have to pay about $1200 for a session.

Pearl laser is yet another option you can consider. It works great for scars that have accumulated over time due to acne, wrinkles and collagen damage due to UV exposure. It will give you a refined facial skin, smooth and evenly colored one. It will also work where home remedies for rosacea scars have failed to work. However, you will have to pay up to $145.

Is acne laser treatment cost covered by insurance

Since laser treatment is relatively a new technology, many insurance companies have not or are not willing to set the terms and conditions for the same. For this reason, most do not cover the cost of these treatments.

The best approach is to check with your insurance company or with a related professional. There are ways that insurance covers can be benefited from, even with cosmetic surgeries.

For example, if a doctor was to officially confirm that a laser surgery is needed, not for cosmetic but health related complications, an insurance cover will definitely cater for the cost of the treatment.

If you are not comfortable with the cost, you can always try other options such as home remedies for acne overnight and over the counter skin brighteners. For example, apple cider vinegar for skin tags can also be used to corrode the skin on which a scar has formed.

Final thoughts
If it is mostly about getting rid of spots and scars that have been left behind, not only by acne but other skin conditions, laser therapy is perhaps the best option to consider.
For one thing, the surgery is not painful and not as crude as some acne scar removal techniques. Moreover, other products such as steroid creams will be used to manage how the new skin grows.
All the same, laser surgery and therapy can be terribly expensive. For best results, ensure that you consult your doctor some time before the surgery. This is to ensure that you get all the benefits that it has to offer.