Blood blister on penile head on penis: removal options & treatments.

Blood blisters can appear on any part of the body, as long as it is covered by skin. This means that even the genitals are not spared. In men, the blisters appear on the penis head (glans), shaft or the scrotal sac. They can be as a result of an STD or be caused by damage to skin tissues.

Like all blood blisters, the ones on the penis head are not curable. This should not make you alarmed. Blood blisters disappear on their own in a couple of days or up to a month. The good thing is that a number of treatment options are available to help speed up the recovery process and also keep it from infection.

What causes blood blisters on the penile head

Blood blisters develop when the upper layers of the skin are forced to separate. Damaged vessels nearby leak blood into the separation, which appears as a red bubble-like bump filled with fluid.

Friction and physical injury

Friction on the penis head can be sustained after rough sex or masturbation. This is usually the case if appropriate lubrication has not been used.

Physical injury may be caused by allergic reactions to latex condoms for example. Wearing rough clothing without protective underpants will cause repeated friction enough to damage the sensitive glans’ skin.

Primary syphilis

A blood blister on the penile head may be a symptom of primary syphilis. It is an STD that causes a sole blister on the glans or penis shaft. The blister is usually painless and disappears shortly.


This is a condition that causes painful lesions mostly on the penis head. While the glans is most affected, lesions will also spread to other body areas.

Bullous Impetigo

A lot of sweating and warm conditions around the genitals will encourage growth of the bacteria responsible for Bullous Impetigo. It manifest as a delicate blood blister on the penile head.

Other possible causes of blood blister on penis

  • Cancer – other symptoms include chronic sores, oozing blisters and bleeding sores. It is rare.
  • Fixed drug infection – other symptoms include burning and stinging sensations, fever and gastric discomfort.
  • Yeast infection – blood blister on penis due to yeast infection will be itchy, swollen and thickened.
  • Eczema – eczema appears as red, dry and scaly patches of irritated skin. Blood blisters and cracks will form with time.
  • Folliculitis – caused by bacterial invasion on follicles. Potential cause of blood blister on penis

How to treat blood blister on penile head

Unless they are caused or are symptoms of another infection or disease, blood blisters on the penis will heal on their own. They don’t need specialized treatments.

Try compressing a pack of ice wrapped with a plastic bag and a small towel on the blistered area. Let it stay there for about 10 minutes. It will help soothe the affected skin and also avoid further swelling.

Some painkillers can help if the blood blisters are causing pain. It is common with blisters due to rough sex for example.

You can also consider anti-itch ointments and creams. A blood blister on the penile head often gets very itchy and sometimes painful when urinating. Such ointments can help. Avoid taking too long between urinating. A lot of fluids will help ease passing urine.

Make sure take a bath, especially after heavy sweating. You can consider applying some powder to reduce friction and keep the blood blister dry. Blood blisters heal faster when dry. Avoid fragrant soaps, for they will irritate the blisters further.

Consult your doctor if you can’t seem to link a blood blister on the penis or penile head with friction and physical assault. The outer skin of the penis is very sensitive. It can easily get infected. In most cases, genital infections can be treated effectively if discovered in time.

How to remove blood blister on the penis by draining it

Without the fluid inside, a blister ceases to be a typical blister. So should you pop a blood blister on the penis and just drain it? Most experts will advise against it.

For one, popping a blister encourages infections. It also delays recovery. It is even worse if the outer covering is removed.

But if the blister is to pop on its own, make sure to use antibacterial cream or ointments. Preferably, you can purchase a probiotic capsule supplement. It provides additional protection from bacterial infections.

If the blister is large and showing signs of breaking open soon enough, popping it in advance is not always a bad idea. The important thing is to ensure that you have the appropriate tools and sterilizing agents. It may also require being dressed afterwards.

You may find more details on how to take care of a blood blister helpful. This is especially true when dealing with a broken or popped blister.

Removing blood blister on the penis with home remedies

Home remedies have been in use for generations. When it comes to how to remove a blood blister on the penis, a number of them can be taken advantage of:

Witch hazel

Take a bit of witch hazel extract and apply it directly. It is a natural astringent as well as an antiseptic. Witch hazel can also be applied as a solution. The herb is commonly used to treat blood blister on bottom of foot.

Aloe Vera

The sticky gel from aloe Vera leaves has many skin benefits. The most notable are ability to soothe the skin and protect from bacterial infections. The gel is best massaged when fresh, and directly on the blood blister.


This is yet another natural astringent that can be very helpful when it comes to how to treat blood blister on the penis. It can be made into a paste and applied directly. It can also be added to a glass of milk and consumed, preferably before bed.  Oral application can help with blood blister on back and other body parts hard to reach.

Sandalwood paste

Sandalwood paste is very helpful when treating blood blisters on the penis that may be causing a burning sensation. It works by drawing the heat from the blisters. To make the paste, add sandalwood powder into a rose water. Add some honey to make a fine paste. Apply the paste to the blisters.


Garlic can be consumed, but its best application for removing blood blisters is when done externally. Take a bit of garlic juice or oil and apply to the blisters.

Tea tree oil

It is an antibacterial and can also fight fungal infections such as yeast infection. Before use, it should be diluted with water.

Before using a home remedy on the penis, make a point of trying it first on another skin part. Some people are sensitive or allergic to some natural remedies.


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