Blood blister on hand – Common causes, Treatment options and Home remedies.

Blood blisters on the hand are common. They mostly appear on the palm but can also develop on the upper side of the hand. They occur after blood leaks from damaged blood vessels and collects in between upper skin layers. In most cases, this process is initialized by a source of friction or trauma.

Special treatment is rarely required for a blood blister on the hand. In fact, the blisters will heal on their own even without treatment. Available treatments seek to prevent from infection and heal the blisters as well as reduce pain.

With most people, it is not about whether the blood blister will heal eventually. Most people are concerned with how long does a blood blister last. Well, it depends on how well you take care of the affected region. On average, a blister on hand will take 30 to 45 days to completely heal on its own. Small ones can disappear in a week or two.

Blood blister on hand causes


Sources of repeated friction on hands are not lacking. This is especially true in individuals involved in manual activities. For example, swinging a hammer, using a shovel and so on are likely to cause a blood blister on the palm or fingers.


Trapping your hand between two blunt surfaces may exert sudden pressure, enough to cause damage to skin tissues. In most cases, it will result in immediate formation of a blood blister on a small part of the hand which was accidentally pinched.

Allergens and irritants

Chemicals, foods, medications, and cosmetics can cause allergic reactions. Blood blisters are likely to develop, sometimes after contact. Irritants on the other hand cause immediate reaction on sensitive skins. Alkalines, acids, and metals are good examples of irritants.

Heat or cold

First-degree burns cause blood blisters a day or two after they are sustained. Second-degree burns on the other hand immediately form blood blisters. Sunburns can also skin tissue damage. Other than hands, extreme cold can cause blood blister on nose.

Frostbites usually cause blood blisters on fingers, but can also cause them to appear on hands.

Low platelets count

Platelets keep from excess bleeding during injuries. One of the symptoms of reduced platelets count is appearance of blood blisters on the skin, including on hands.

Lack of vitamins

Vitamins C and B12 are involved in different skin functions. Their deficiencies in the body caused red blisters on the skin.

Diseases and health conditions

Quite a number of diseases can, in one way or another, be associated with occurrence of blood blisters on hands. They include chicken pox, shingles, eczema, celiac disease, herpes, cancer, HIV and diabetes.

Blood blister on hand treatment and removal options

As mentioned earlier, rarely will any special blood blister on the hand treatment be necessary.

In a clinic, a doctor may choose to pop and drain a large blister, which is likely going to break open eventually.

Painkillers may be prescribed for painful blood blisters. For example, blood blisters due to second-degree burns may prove extremely painful. Taking painkillers will be helpful enough.

If the blister is infected or has broken open, antibiotics will be necessary. Zinc cream is a good example of antibiotic creams you can buy over the counter. Severe infections will require prescription oral antibiotics.

Diseases and deficiencies are also best addressed by your doctor. They can recommended supplements for example or changes in diet. Be sure to check with your doctor if the blood blister on hand causes have nothing to do with friction or trauma.

How to treat a blood blister on the hand at home

When it comes to how to treat blood blisters on the hand at home, it is mostly about taking care of the blisters to encourage recovery.

Compress with ice

A cold compress is one of the most popular removal options for blood blisters. It requires that ice cubes wrapped in a plastic bag be compressed on the affected areas. This treatment reduces pain and keeps from more blood leakage.

Keep the blisters clean

Washing your hands helps get rid of irritants and allergens. Use mild soaps when washing your hands and remember to dry appropriately. Blood blisters worsen in moist and warm skin conditions.

Dress appropriately

For blood blisters on the hands that have not broken, you can wear protective gloves to keep them from friction and assault. Moleskin will also keep the blisters from getting bigger.

For burst blisters, dressing should be done with a bandage treated with an antiseptic. The bandage should be changed on daily basis. To avoid pressure accumulation, make sure the middle part of the bandage is raised a bit.

Allow fresh air circulation

Fresh air circulating on the blisters ensures that they will remain dry. It also discourages bacterial accumulation on the blisters. Gloves can be taken off when not needed. When going to bed, you can use a bandage.

Try home remedies

When it comes to how to remove blood blisters on the hands, home remedies are perhaps the best removal options. For one, they will keep from infection. They will also promote skin recovery as well as soothe pain. However, home remedies should not replace any medication you doctor may have prescribed. They are better used as long-term treatments.

How to remove blood blisters on the hand with home remedies

Blood blisters on the hand treatment can be done with some of easily accessible products at home. They include:

Witch hazel

Just like zinc oxide creams and ointments, witch hazel can be used on skin abrasions, cuts, burns and of course blood blisters. Its solution is best applied directly and left to dry.

Tea tree oil

This is one of the most potent removal options for blood blisters on hands and feet. It kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. When diluted with water and applied to blood blisters, swelling is greatly reduced. Rinsing the solution in the mouth can help treat blood blister on gum line.

Aloe Vera

You will not miss aloe Vera recommended as a home remedy for skin care. It is a notable anti-bacterial and also soothes irritated skin. Gel from fresh leaves requires to be applied directly and left to dry. Before next application, rinse with clean water.


Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and can act as an antiseptic when used externally. For internal use, add a teaspoon or two of its powder to a glass of milk and consume before bed. For external use, make a paste with water, preferably rose water, and honey. Apply the paste directly.


If a blood blister on the hand has been causing a burning sensation and pain, sandalwood paste can help. It draws heat from the blister and also keeps it dry. To make the paste, add sandalwood powder enough to make a paste with rose or ordinary water. You can add some honey and apply directly.


Garlic is one of the removal options that will not only keep from bacterial infections but as ease pain from blood blisters. It can be used in form or juice or oil.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

ACV is derived from fermented apples. It has very strong antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is also an anti-inflammatory. These are all good qualities of a home remedy for removing blood blisters on hands. Be careful when using ACV. Ensure to dilute it with 4 portions of water or 12 for sensitive skins. Don’t use on broken or open blisters.

How to treat a blood blister on the hand summary

Blood blisters on hands will heal naturally even without treatment.

Medical treatments are necessary if symptoms such as pus formation, red streaks, pain, swelling, fatigue, fever also occur.

Dressing a blood blister appropriately is very important. Use protective gear and bandages.

Don’t pop small blood blisters that have no sign of breaking. It will increase risk of infection and slow healing process. Large ones can be drained, but only with appropriate disinfecting agents.

Use antibiotic creams and ointments such as zinc oxide to keep blisters from getting infected.

Use of home remedies in regards to how to get rid of blood blisters can prove very effective. Be sure to find more details on how a certain home remedy should be used and works before using it.