Best Razor Bump Cream – Top Rated Removal and Treatment Products for Men and Women.

It is common that people will think of a shaving cream or gel when they’re feeling the need to be clean shaven on an area of their body. But which one is the best to use? What really does using such products do for you and your skin?

Depending on the method or shaving tools that you are using, choosing the right creams and gels is of vital importance to keep you away from razor bumps.

Just as it is with many skin conditions including herpes treatment, clinical treatment is effective but not always necessary. In most cases, the bumps will clear on their own even when left untreated.

Importance of a razor bump cream for men and women

Shaving is quite a popular practice. In fact, it is one of the long-term prevention methods to get rid of scabies and such skin infestations. You may be wondering what the exact importance of a razor bump cream is. Here are the main functions:

Keeps the skin hydrated
Hydrated skin means that chances are low that cuts will occur when shaving. It also means that the hairs you are intending to shave will be kept soft and easy to cut.
You can just move your hand softly along your beard or pubic hair for example, and feel the coarseness. If you were to cut the hairs without a softener, chances are high that you will be forced to exert a lot of pressure. This will end up irritating the skin or cutting the hairs too deep.

Provides lubrication
Friction between the skin and the shaving razor is synonymous to razor bumps. If you want to avoid that, a shaving gel or cream is necessary to keep the skin soft and lubricated. In this way, you will not need to drag the shaving razor.

Shaving produces a form of trauma on the skin. Since most shaving gels and creams contain some ingredients such as preservatives, they aid in quick recovery from the trauma. They also help soothe the shaven skin and keep it hydrated. It is for this reason that you are not advised to use soaps and alcohol-containing shaving products.

Which is the best product for razor bumps for men and women?

You may be wondering whether to choose a shaving cream or a shaving gel. The truth is that such a decision is sometimes difficult to make. Generally, most professionals will advise for a gel rather than a cream. Although it depends on personal preference, here are some advantages of using a gel over a cream:

  • When applied, the hairs attain a more erect stature. Gels work as if they are supporting hair strands from all sides to make them stand.
  • People with very thick hair may be needed to shave the same place more than once. This will most likely irritate the skin and also push the already cut hairs into the skin. Gels aid in attaining a clean shave in the first stroke.
  • You will clearly tell the parts of the skin that you have already shaven when using a gel. This helps to avoid irritating an already shaven part.
  • You will most likely need a less amount of gel than you would a cream
  • When you have applied a gel on the skin to be shaved, a protective layer is formed, which keeps the blade from getting into contact with the skin. This goes a long way in protecting against razor bumps.

While you may need to get first-hand experience to determine which is the best product for razor bumps in your case, heads-up information is always important.

How to choose the best shaving cream for razor bumps?

With the many shaving creams that are there in the market today, it might get a bit confusing to settle on the best shaving cream for razor bumps. The following tips can help;

  • Settle for creams that have been tested by time. This always works, even for other products such as skin tag removal cream and such. See if you can locate a brand you are considering in different drug stores or retailers.
  • The cream should be in a position to offer all the benefits of a shaving cream that we have discussed above. Preferably, go for oil-based creams which will soothe and cool the skin.
  • Creams that contain shea butter and tea tree oil are recommended for individuals with overly sensitive skin. You can check the list of ingredients to know if these ingredients are included in the formula.
  • If you have some troubling razor bumps but still need to shave, creams containing aloe Vera and salicylic acid can help. Aloe Vera soothes the skin while the acid gets rid of the upper layers of the bumps. It is the same acid contained in over the counter removal kits for wart removal.
  • Medicated gels will work best for women shaving the bikini area. Ensure that the cream or gel you are to use carries an official medication stamp.
  • You may also want to consider a shaving gel that will help in clearing possible scarring left behind by healed razor bumps.

Some gels come in full kits that are specifically designed for a certain group of people, such as a subset with thicker or curly hair. Sometimes such gels can also be used to remove a mole on the scalp or other body parts, if they happen to contain salicylic acid, and most of them do.

If you really are concerned about the quality of shaving gel that you are to use, you can have your dermatologist advise you further on the issue. You can also check available reviews and online forums to see what others are saying about a certain brand of shaving gel.

Products to treat and razor bump removal products

There are a couple of razor bump removal products that are accessible today.
Home remedies such as apple cider vinegar for warts can also be used to clear razor bumps. Castor oil for skin moisturizing can be used after shaving to keep the skin from dehydration and possible bacterial attacks.

Topical products to treat razor bumps are also available. They usually contain salicylic acid and other ingredients. If you need to get rid of the bumps quickly, such products are the better option.

Where to buy the best anti razor bumps cream

The most important thing is to identify a brand that satisfies the above described features of a good shave product. For women, products to treat bumps on bikini line can be accessed in beauty shops or salons.

For men, such products can be accessed over the counter in local retailers. All the same, you might need to see a doctor for medically prescribed medications. This is case of infected bumps that won’t respond to available over the counter and home treatments.