Best products at drugstores to get rid of Acne for adults and teenage guys.

Identifying the best acne products today is as hard as predicting which day of the week it will rain the heaviest. Chances are high that you will get it wrong.

The thing is, most websites provide ranked lists and information meant to promote a particular product. Also, acne products work differently in different people.

The best approach to finding the best product to get rid of acne is to first familiarize yourself with the important features to look for in such products. From there, you can go ahead and review the manufacturer’s information about specific products.

Another very important thing is to know acne scar types and treatment. With this, it’s good to also be familiar with the complete process of effective acne treatment.

What to look for in best acne products over the counter

Next time you are in a drugstore or doing a bit of detective work on acne products, here are the ingredients to look for:

Benzoyl peroxide
This has to be the first substance to mention. It is not only effective in treating acne but also will help in preventing the same. You can choose lowly concentrated products for sensitive skin. Normally, it is sold in concentrations of 2.5% to 10%.

Salicylic acid
To keep skin pores open and in the process avoid sebum being trapped inside follicles, salicylic acid containing products are the ones to go for. Look for products with 2% of the acid.

Alpha hydroxyl acids
You may also find these named as glycolic acid and lactic acid. Glycolic acid works by sloughing acne away, thus reducing inflammation. Lactic acid on the other hand works by promoting healthy skin growth once the dead skin has been removed.

Experts are not certain what exactly makes sulfur so effective in getting rid of acne and in fact reducing inflammation so quickly. It is thought to absorb excess oil that would otherwise encourage acne. It is definitely an ingredient to look for in best acne products. In fact, it is one of the ingredients you are likely to find in an effective rosacea cream.
Although these products almost always work for adult acne, their use as baby acne treatment options is advised against. For baby acne, the best approach is to just let it heal on its own. In any case, any spots or scars that may appear will be gone by the time baby reaches 2 years of age.

Natural products to look for in best products to get rid of acne

Tea tree oil
You can come up with a tea tree oil solution for acne at home or buy over the counter. The good thing about the latter option is that products containing it will specifically be made for acne. This oil is one of the most powerful natural products for treating acne.

Clay can practically stop any production of oil on the skin. The best way to make use of this remedy is to make a face mask out of the same. Bentonite clay is among the best types.

This mineral plays very important roles in development of immune system. It also is an anti- inflammatory natural product. Zinc has been shown to have a lot of skin related benefits. For example, it can improve on rosacea symptoms. The best way to take it is in supplements rather than foods.

Best acne products for teenage males

The best acne products for teenage guys are in most cases prescribed ones. This is because acne in teenage guys is caused by hormonal changes. Such acne is very severe and is most likely to persist for the better part of teenage years. Below are the main options:

They come in oral and topical forms. Depending on the severity of the acne, the doctor will be the one to prescribe specific antibiotics. They basically either kill or inhibit spread of acne bacteria.
In most cases, antibiotics are used in conjunction with other antibiotics or over the counter acne removal products such as benzoyl peroxide. Natural products such as tea tree oil can also be used in the combination.

These too come in both oral and topical forms. They are very powerful and perhaps the single best products for teenage guys and for individuals with stubborn acne.

Retinoids contain or are improved forms of vitamin A. You definitely want to try them for acne that has been persisting for a long time. Over the counter retinoid products are not as powerful as prescription ones.

Azelaic acid
This is the product to keep your skin exfoliated and also to get rid of bacteria. It works best for acne that is not too severe.

Contraceptive pills
When some birth control pills are used together, they can succeed in controlling hormonal changes that cause acne, especially in teenagers.

When used with other products that fight acne, birth control pills can produce quite impressive fighting results.

Other prescription acne fighting products cannot be termed as best acne products for teenagers. This is because they come with a list of side effects and such. However, your doctor may be forced to vouch for them. Cysts, for example ,usually call for complex treatment options which may even involve surgery in the worst cases.

Drugstore products for acne scars

Once acne has healed, it sometimes leaves scarring behind. For whiteheads and blackheads, spots rather than scars are left. Spots usually clear naturally even without treatment. In fact, most drugstore products for acne scars that contain natural products and lightening creams contribute less in clearing the spots.

The available reports form studies done on drugstore products for acne scars show that these products rarely work at all.

Vitamins, minerals and natural extracts, such as onions, are commonly used in such products. The truth is that they work no better than placebos. This also goes for antibiotics meant to hasten recovery from acne scars.

Experts advise against the use of antibiotics especially for matters such as healing acne scars. This is because such use increases chances of bacterial resistance to drugs.

The only drugstore products for acne scars that might work are silicone-based gels. When applied, silicone keeps the scabs that form prior to the formation of a scar from dehydration. It is dehydration that encourages formation of tough scars from keloids.

When an acne pimple ruptures, it leaves a dent between the two edges that from a depression. During the recovery process, new skin tissue fills the depression between the two edges. Due to air drying and such factors, the new forming tissue hardens with time during the recovery process. The harder it gets, the more pronounced the scar will be.

Forego most of the scar removal products that contain natural products and vitamins for acne scar removal. They either will not work or will be largely ineffective. Try silicone-based products such as creams and pads. Those will keep the scar from drying out and also will hasten the healing process.

Which are the best acne body products in drugstores?

Body products to get rid of acne are of many varieties in drugstores. For body acne, the best way to get rid of it is to use removal products that can be added to bath water.

In this case, essential oils and natural products seem to work much better. For example, you can add ½ cup of apple cider vinegar to bath water for acne removal. Tea tree oil can also be added to warm bath water for the same effect and other skin conditions such as psoriasis on the scalp.

Adult treatment products from acne usually come with an option for whole body application. For example, some mild soap brands are specifically developed for acne removal. You can try such soaps alongside some natural products to use in baths.

Since dehydrated skin is always very prone to acne, essential oils such as coconut and olive oil can help. These ones help keep the skin moisturized without the risk of clogging skin pores. You can look for more details on best essential oil for acne.

For acne scar removal products, try silicone-based gels.

How to get the most out of best products to get rid of acne

The first very important thing is to understand the type of acne that you are dealing with. Whiteheads are the simplest forms of acne. These are tiny pimples with a slight whitish appearance at the top. They rarely need treatment. However, some benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid will keep bacteria from infecting them.

Blackheads on the other hand appear as dark tiny bumps. They take longer to heal but do not contain bacteria. Simple drugstore acne removal products will keep them from infection.

Papules and pustules are red tiny bumps that have already been infected by bacteria. Products for oily skin and anti-bacterial medications will help clear them without scarring.

Nodules and cysts are the most difficult acne to get rid of. In most cases, they tend to leave scars behind. In this case, a full treatment therapy will be needed to get rid of them and prevent from scarring. First, always ensure that you cleanse twice a day with skin care products. You can try Neutrogena products for cleansing. From there, go for products known to reduce inflammation. Tea tree oil is a good example.

A better approach is to see a doctor for cysts and nodules removal. A lot of bacteria are contained in them, so mulch that home treatment may end up spreading acne to other healthy body parts. Some treatment options will in fact increase the chances of the acne producing scars. Try to only opt for treatment options that you are familiar with, and have some idea of how they work.