Best over the counter Eczema cream for baby: tips, guides, pictures

Baby eczema is a common skin condition. Statistics estimate that every 1 in 5 infants will develop eczema before they are six months old. Atopic eczema is the most common type in babies.

Generally, eczema causes the skin to dry, redden, inflame and become irritated. Though experts are yet to agree on what causes it, babies born to parents with a history of atopic eczema, asthma and hay fever are more predisposed. Trigger factors for eczema include irritants, allergens, extreme weather conditions and skin infections.

Dry skin can be controlled effectively with over the counter creams. Some of these creams are meant to keep the skin moisturized while others contain medications such as mild steroids.

Since an infant’s skin is highly sensitive and delicate, caution should be taken when using eczema creams. This article contains information on best over the counter Eczema cream for your baby: tips, guides and what to look for.

What to look for in an over the counter eczema cream for baby

In reviews ranking the best over the counter eczema cream for your baby, the following products are identifiable as effective:

White mallow

White mallow has three main benefits: it reduces inflammation, encourages cell renewal and boosts immunity. These are very beneficial properties when treating eczema in babies.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer. It keeps your baby’s skin from drying and in the process worsening the existing eczema. If you can access it, use virgin coconut oil. It contains all the natural ingredients vital for eczema treatment. Due to its mildness, coconut oil can be used on sensitive baby skin and even for eczema on the penis shaft treatment.


Oatmeal provides a protective layer over the skin, which keeps moisture from escaping into the surrounding air. It is also known to soothe irritated skin and is one of the most popular home remedies for eczema.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is an essential oil. Essential oils work by hydrating and soothing the skin. Jojoba oil will also protect from infection.


Zeolites are compound made of silicon and aluminum. In a nutshell, zeolites work by drawing moisture back to the skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is involved in a number of skin regeneration functions. Creams that contain this vitamin are good for baby eczema.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil contains loads of essential fatty acids. These are the same compounds found in fish oil supplements and flax seeds. They work by replenishing damaged skin.

Sesame seed oil

Sesame seed oil fights staphylococcus bacteria, the strain of bacteria that is responsible for infected eczema. It is popularly used for a number of healing benefits.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a skin moisturizer, anti-inflammatory remedy and an antibacterial. The herb is also known for its skin soothing benefits. The antibacterial properties make aloe Vera one of the most effective dyshidrotic eczema home remedies.

Sweet almond oil

This essential oil is a skin hydrator and a soothing remedy. It is a good option to replace fragrance baby eczema creams that are likely going to irritate affected skin further.

What cream to use on baby eczema

When it comes to what cream to use on baby eczema, it depends on the severity of the condition. Some creams work best when used for itch relief, some for skin hydration while others are best used for eczema healing. Below are guide tips on best eczema cream for baby eczema;

After bath cream

Applying a cream on your baby’s skin after the bath is very important. It helps keep from skin dehydration. After a bath, try creams containing an organic oil and vitamin E. Skin dehydration combined with abrasive clothing such as from price tags or wool will likely lead to eczema on the back of the neck.

Cream for face application

Baby facial skin is very delicate and unfortunately prone to eczema. The first thing to look for in a face application cream for infant eczema is plant-based ingredients. Try coconut oil, avocado oil and oatmeal. Sesame seed oil is also something to consider, to keep from bacterial infection.

Cream for itch relief

Eczema itch is always terrible for babies. In fact, it may require that antihistamines be administered to encourage sleep. Creams for itch relief ought to remain active for six or more hours after application. Fragrance-free creams are better options. Try ingredients such as aloe Vera, coconut oil and jojoba.

Cream for daily application

Daily application of cream on baby eczema is important for it keeps the skin from drying, which will otherwise worsen itchiness and skin irritation. Go for creams free from paraffin and fragrance.

Cream for dandruff

Dandruff is a type of eczema that affects a baby’s scalp. Medicated shampoos are mostly used to control this type of eczema. Oatmeal-based creams are considerable options in case medicated shampoos are not working effectively.

Cream for skin hydration

Eczema is unlikely to develop on a well hydrated skin. Pure organic coconut oil and avocado oil are good skin moisturizers. Avocado oil also contains fatty acids that are important for skin replenishment. To keep moisture from escaping, you can apply a different cream containing glycerin too.

What to avoid in over the counter eczema cream for baby


Parabens are preservatives which keep microbial growth in creams and other beauty care products. While they keep creams from going bad, parabens may end up irritating baby skin further and hence encourage eczema.


Phenoxyethanol is used as a stabilizing agent in soaps and perfumes. Sensitive skin is easily irritated by this compound. It has also been observed to trigger eczema and other allergic reactions. Even worse, phenoxyethanol has been studied to affect the CNS in babies when orally exposed.


Liquid paraffin

Liquid paraffin is popularly included in baby oils and creams. There are many debates on whether liquid paraffin is good for the skin or not. For one thing, it can irritate sensitive skin. It is also not agreed if it actually locks moisture as purported.


‘Preservatives’ is a collective name for many chemical compounds. Most of them will not help with baby eczema. In fact, they will likely end up irritating affected skin.



Phthalates are popularly used to make plastics more flexible. In beauty products, they are used as dissolving agents. Use of phthalates containing products is highly advised against, especially in infants and babies.


Fragrance creams are advised against for baby eczema. Most of fragrance creams contain irritant chemical compounds.

Is hydrocortisone good for over the counter eczema cream for baby

Creams for baby eczema that contain 1% hydrocortisone are widely available over the counter. While steroid-based creams produce instant relief from itch, they are not always recommendable for use on baby skin.

Before using 1% hydrocortisone cream for infant eczema treatment, make sure to consult your doctor. For one, such a cream is recommended for use in babies over two years of age. Also, it is associated with side effects such as skin thinning. Long-term use can lead to loss of skin pigmentation or adrenal complications.

Creams form an important part of baby eczema treatment. They are superb moisturizers and also contain healing medications. You can always consult your doctor for help on what cream to use on baby eczema.