Are Skin Tags Contagious – Treatment, Medicine, Information, Pictures.

If you happen to observe some loosely hanging soft pieces of flesh on the skin, they are likely going to be skin tags. Don’t panic, however. The tags will not grow into anything serious.

For a condition or infection to be contagious, it has to have an identifiable cause, something like a virus or a parasite. This is not the case with skin tags. For this reason, the tags cannot be spread from one person to another or to other body parts.

Are skin tags contagious; what causes them

Going by the parts of the body that they occur most, the causes of skin tags is thought to be friction. For example, you will find them on the groin, underarms, eyelids and back of the neck.

All these body parts have one thing in common. They are prone to friction, either by rubbing against other body parts or against clothes. A bit like toenail fungus, skin tags also prefer moist body areas. This again has everything to do with friction. Moist areas are likely to offer resistance to motion, which is a longer description of what causes friction.

It will not be unusual if a skin tag is to be spotted in a less obvious part such as fingers or even on the face. This is especially for smokers and people with other conditions that weaken the skin.

Why are skin tags contagious; guide information

As mentioned earlier, no microorganism or parasite is responsible for the development of skin tags. You therefore will not have them popping all over the skin or on other people around you courtesy of the initial skin tag.

However, there are some predisposing factors that encourage their development. If these factors are exacerbated, skin tags will occur more frequently. The factors include:

  • Use of steroids – those who use steroids for a long time have been shown to develop the tags more frequently
  • Age – as we age, the skin loses most of its collagen tissues. Collagen is what keeps the skin tight and free from wrinkles
  • Pregnancy – hormonal changes and rapid gain of weight in pregnant women encourages their development
  • Diabetes – lovers of sugary foods and saturated fats develop a kind of attraction to skin tags
  • Obesity – with all the flaps and extra skin in obese individuals, little can be done to keep skin tags from developing

Are genital skin tags contagious without treatment

Most genital infections are known to be contagious. But as we have seen, skin tags are not infections. Even if it is to occur on the penis or on the vagina, it will not be spread.
Treatment for skin tags is usually sought for aesthetic reasons.

In other situations, a skin tag can sustain an injury, which will make it prone to infections. In such cases, it will get painful and open up for conditions such as skin ulcers.

Guide information; Are genital skin tags contagious and best medicine

As long as being contagious is involved, skin tags will not cause any complications. But like any other condition, they can be a nuisance and even grow to the size of a grape. No one is willing to carry a fig-sized tag somewhere near their genitals or even on other body parts.
In regards to the best treatment, the following options are available:

  • Clinical removal – doctors can remove skin tags pretty easily. They can freeze them, cut them off, burn them or poison them with laser. Skin tags removal cost in a clinic will increase with the number of tags to be removed.
  • Removal at home – remedies such as tea tree oil are very effective against skin conditions including white spots on teeth. They are even more effective when used in combinations. For example, a paste of baking soda and castor oil will get rid of pimples and skin tags in a matter of days or few weeks.
  • Over the counter kits – a TagBand for example is a much better version of the thread you would use to tie a skin tag with at home. Wart removal freeze kits on the other hand will also work in clearing skin tags off the skin. You can also try patches and creams containing salicylic acid.

Are skin tags contagious without ringworm medicine?

Ringworm on face is likely to spread to the hands and any other body part that comes into skin to skin contact.

If a skin tag is occurring close or on a body part with ringworm, it will not spread but will increase the chances of the ringworm spreading. This can be seen in obese individuals who have ringworm and skin tags between skin folds on the belly.

During treatment for skin tags, chances are high that fluid or cotton balls you are using will touch another body part. This will be source of spread.

To prevent such cases, use remedies known to fight both bacterial and fungal infections such pas tea tree oil. Other than being effective, the oil can also be used on sensitive body parts such as removing a mole on the nipple; but not when pregnant.