White Spots on Teeth, Nails, Toenails, Eye and Toe – Symptoms and Treatments.

White Spots on TeethWhite spots on face, on teeth, fingernails and toes are usually not harmful expect in relation to aesthetic concerns. It is likely that you will experience them ones or severally in a lifetime.

A white spot on eye however can lead to blindness. If you notice a persistent one, getting medical help is recommended. At home, you can run a self-diagnosis by taking pictures and comparing them to online images provided for different causes of white spots.

It is important to learn the causes of white spots occurring on different parts of the body. In this way, you will know whether to treat or conceal them while waiting for the same to heal on their own.

Causes of white spots on teeth; pictures, video and photos

Causes of white spots on teethTaking pictures and photos of white spots on teeth can help an online doctor determine the exact cause of the same. You can also check out an illustrative online video on how they can be treated or what causes them.

Generally, any of the following will cause or contribute to white spots on teeth:

Sugary and acidic foods
Bacteria in the mouth feeds on the sugar contained in the food you eat. During this process, acidic by products are left behind. This acid corrodes the enamel which is the outer part of teeth. Acidic food products will also contribute to the corrosion. In fact, acidity in meals may also worsen white spots on tonsils.

Dry mouth
Saliva is an alkaline solution. It helps in the neutralization of the acids that usually cause tooth decay. If the available saliva in the mouth is not sufficient, white spots may appear on the teeth due to dissolved enamel.

High fever is a common cause of white spots appearing on the teeth. This can be worsened by medications taken to combat the fever. In children, insufficient absorption of calcium and other minerals used in making teeth may poorly develop and spotted teeth.

People who wear bracket braces on their teeth have a tendency of developing white spots on the areas that the brackets were fixed.

Acid reflux
This condition increases the amount of acid in the mouth. As we saw earlier, acidity in the mouth is bad for the enamel.

Genetic factors
Naturally, there are some people who will develop spots on their teeth. They necessarily don’t have to be white but can also attain other coloration.

White spots on teeth; before and after pictures

White spots on teeth; before and after picturesA dentist will have a solution for spots appearing on your teeth. You can take pictures and photos and send them to an online dentist if you can’t access a physical clinic. Below are the possible treatment options:

    • Veneers – this treatment method is effective for deeply rooted white spots. It involves covering the spots with porcelain.
    • Bleaching – as the name suggests, a bleaching agent will be used to make the coloring of your teeth uniform.
    • Polishing – you can do this at home but better results will be achieved if done by a dentist. It involves scrubbing the outer teeth surface with an abrasive.
    • Bonding – the areas on which white spots occur will be removed and replaced with a dental bond. It will make the coloring of your teeth uniform.

To know if the treatment option was successful enough, compare before and after pictures. This will need that you take photos before going for the treatment.

Symptoms of white spots on toes

Symptoms of white spots on toesYou may have noticed some white spots on toenails a couple of times which may come and disappear. They will usually vary in size and the part of the toenail they will appear on. The symptoms include:

  • Small dots distributed on the toenail
  • Large sole dot on the toenail
  • White lines across the toenail
  • Small spots over the toenail

What causes the symptoms of white spots on toes?

Fungal infections
Apart from white spots, fungal infections will also cause yellow or brown dots. In this case, the spots are very large and will infect other toenails. If left untreated, the fungi will cause the nail bed to thicken and become brittle. Ringworm is also a fungal disease but not caused by the same fungi strain as toenail white spots.

Fungal infections on the nails can be encouraged by sweaty feet, nail oils, sharing or shoes and socks as well as not wearing shoes.

Injuries sustained on the toenail can cause a white spot to appear. You may actually have already forgotten about the injury by the time the spot shows up.
These white spots on toenails usually start at the base of the nail. They are not harmful and will heal on their own.

Unfitting footwear
Tight or closed footwear may end up exerting too much pressure on the toenails. With time, an injury will be sustained on the same. Some people have a tendency of sweating excessively on their feet when wearing socks or closed shoes. As it happens, sweat encourages the growth of fungi which can end up infecting the toenails.

Some people are allergic to nail polishes and herders. When such products are used on the toenails, white spots on toes are likely to occur.
Allergic reactions may take time to produce the spots in some people while the spots can appear immediately in some.

Apparently, white spots on toenails can be signaling to you that you are having a serious underlying condition. This is not common. In fact, it is unlikely that you will not have noticed other symptoms of such diseases.
All in all, white spots on toes can be signs of:

  • Kidney disease
  • Arsenic poisoning
  • Pneumonia
  • Liver disease

Treating the symptoms of white spots on nails

Treating the symptoms of white spots on nailsDepending on the cause, white spots on your toes can be treated by:

  • Oral or topical fungal medications
  • Not using nail care products that you are allergic to
  • Getting treatment for underlying diseases

Some home remedies can prove effective. Apple cider vinegar if an antifungal for instance. It can be used to discourage the spread of white spots due to fungal infections. Another home remedy you can try is tea re oil. The same can actually be used to treat genital warts and genital pimples.

White spots on nails; fingernails

White spots on nailsIt is common for white spots on nails, finger nails in this case, to occur. The common misconception that people will have you take for a fact is that white spots on your fingernails are indicating a deficiency in zinc and calcium. It is not true.

Symptoms of zinc and calcium deficiencies are more associated with poor bone health, poor brain health and digestion issues. It is unlikely to find white spots on nails as one of them.
The common causes of white spots on fingernails are:

  • Allergic reaction to nail skin care products and techniques
  • Nail injuries
  • Fungal infections
  • Heart and kidney diseases might also cause the spots but rarely. Generally, the spots should disappear on their own after some time. If this doesn’t happen, check with your doctor.

Before and after pictures of white spot on eye

If you have herpes in mouth, the sores may also infect the eye but will less likely form white spots in the eye.

When comparing before and after pictures, you may notice a white spot on eye. This is likely going to be corneal ulcers. This is a condition in which a sore occurs on the transparent frontal part of the eye that allows light into the black center spot (pupil).

Medical help should be sought immediately for white spot on eye. It is very common in people who wear contact lenses. This is because they are more likely to introduce germs into the eye. Injury to the cornea can also be sustained when using home kits such as ones used to freeze off warts as a treatment option for styes treatment.