Tea Tree Oil for Fungus, Warts, Skin Tags and Moles – Usage and Benefits.

Tea Tree Oil for FungusTea tree oil should not be confused with tea oil. The latter can be identified from its yellow coloring. It is extracted from the leaves of a plant known as Melaleuca alternifolia. It is a topical remedy, meaning that it only should be used externally. It has for long been believed to have skin healing benefits. However, little research findings are available to support these claims.

Uses of tea tree oil

  • It is used as an antimicrobial remedy on open and infected wounds occurring on the skin.
  • It is mixed with benzoyl peroxide and used as a remedy for acne.
  • It is used as a home remedy for treating moles, skin tags and warts.
  • It is used in treating fungus infection. It is mostly effective when used to treat fungus of the nails and athlete’s foot.
  • It can be used for cleaning off an armpit boil.

Uses for this remedy should be entirely topical. If swallowed, it can cause stomach problems and even the extreme of hallucinations. Some users have reported allergic reactions to this product.

How to use Tea tree oil for fungus

Tea tree oil is very effective in treating toe nail and finger fungus. Here are the steps to follow on how to use tea tree oil for fungus infections:

  • How to use Tea tree oilUse a nail cutter or clipper to get rid of the dead parts of the nail. To make the process easier, try soaking the nails in warm water for about 15 minutes.
  • Using a nail file, get rid of the any coarse parts of the nail. Here, make sure that you do not cut any part of your skin in attempt to get a smooth finish on your nails. If you have a sensitive skin, consider using a nail brush instead of a coarse file.
  • Use a mild soap to clean your feet thoroughly. When done, dry off your feet, ensuring that not dirt has been left especially underneath your fingernails.
  • Apply the tea tree oil to the infected parts. You can apply some drops of the solution directly to the affected areas or use a cotton ball. Some people prefer soaking their feet in a water- tea tree oil solution. Either method will work. This process should be repeated until the fungus infection goes away.
  • You can also opt for processed creams, face wash and products that contain tea tree oil. Such creams and lotions can be accessed in CVS, Walmart, Walgreens or any credible retailing store.

It is important to note that good hygienic habits should be observed even when making use of this remedy. Keep your nails short and clean. Always wear shoes and avoid sharing socks and shoes.

How to use tea tree oil for warts

Tea tree oil is one of the best home remedies for treating warts, especially genital warts. However, it is important that you notify your doctor before using tea tree oil for warts. Below is a step by step guide to using it for cleaning off warts:

  • Thorough clean both your hands and the affected area. It is advisable that you let the areas dry on their own but you can dry them with a clean towel all the same.
  • Apply a single drop of pure forms of tea tree oil directly on the affected areas. Only target the warts themselves. You can also opt to soak a cotton ball in the solution and squeeze it off on the warts.
  • Bandage the warts after application. Some people prefer to soak the bandage with tea tree oil too. Let the bandage remain in its position overnight.
  • Replace the bandage in every morning and repeat the process. It may take up to four weeks to have the warts completely cleared off using this method. If you notice irritation on the skin due to use of tea tree oil, try mixing the same with castor oil for warts.
  • For ears and warts occurring in other sensitive parts like eyelids, refrain from attempting to heal them yourself. See a doctor for further assistance in such a case.

How to use tea tree oil for skin tags

Tea tree oil may not be such a quick skin tag removal remedy but is certainly works. Even better, it has limited side effects and leaves no scaring afterwards. In fact, it is one of the few home remedies suggested for face skin tags removal. Here is the process for how to use tea tree oil for skin tags:

  • Start with cleansing the part of skin affected by the skin tags.
  • Soak a cotton ball in water and squeeze it dry. From there, add an average of 3 drops of the tea tree oil onto the cotton ball.
  • Keep massaging the skin tag affected areas for about 4 minutes.
  • Repeat this process about four times a day.
  • You can also opt to duct tape the cotton ball on the affected areas for a few hours.
  • Some people prefer to use tea tree oil in its pure forms. This might work for some people but is advised against if you have over-sensitive skin.
  • Tea tree oil can be used alongside other remedies like olive oil or apple cider vinegar.

How to use tea tree oil for moles

A mole is a type of skin ailment that results from clumped up melanocytes. Though they manifest as small body tumors, they are not malignant. It is necessary to learn more on some of the oil tones and treatment methods for the same, especially for mole on eyelid. Below is the guideline for how to use tea tree oil for moles:

  • Examine the size of the mole and get a cotton ball equating the former in size.
  • Soak it in water, squeeze the water off and add about 3 drops of tea tree oil. You can opt to soak the cotton ball in the oil itself in case you do not have a sensitive skin or incase the moles are mild.
  • Using a duct tape, fix to place the cotton ball; in a way that it will only cover the entire mole and not other parts of the skin.
  • Repeat this process until the mole is completely gone.
  • Stop any further use of this method if you experience skin irritation. However, you can opt to using coconut or olive oil along with tea tree oil to lessen the irritation.

The use of tea tree oil for skin infections started long ago. In fact, some people use it as a face wash remedy. As much as scientific data for how exactly it works might be limited, results have worked in favor of this remedy. All the same, it is important that you approach a doctor if the desired results fail to come by. This also goes for skin infections occurring in sensitive area. For example, warts of the genitals can invite cases of cervical cancer for women. In some cases, a cancerous tumor can be mistaken for a benign skin infection. All these cases will have disastrous results if tea tree oil is to be used as a treatment remedy. All the same, tea tree oil works for most common skin ailments.