Remove Skin Tags during pregnancy: genital, vaginal treatment with causes.

Skin Tags during Pregnancy on NippleAs if the weird mood swings and a popped belly are not enough, pregnancy may also bring along a couple of skin changes including stretch marks and skin tags.

If you are to wake up to some thin, very soft skin projections which are skin-colored and attached to the body by a skinny stalk, it is a skin tag that you will be dealing with. They are common in pregnant women, diabetic individuals, obese people and the aged lot.

What causes skin tags during and after pregnancy?

causes of skin tags during and after pregnancyA bit like birthmark meaning, it is not well understood what attraction skin tags find in pregnant women. Most professionals link it to changes in hormone levels and rapid gain of weight.

Normally, skin tags develop in parts of the body that are moist and are frequently rubbed against. These include under the breasts, under arms, around the genitals and groin region.

When rapid weight is continuously gained such as in pregnant women, moisty body parts that are constantly rubbing against each other or against clothes are not rare. Combining this with changes on the skin caused by fluctuating hormone levels, skin tags during pregnancy are encouraged.

Can a skin tag on nipple during pregnancy develop?

A skin tag on nipple during pregnancy is not common. It is more common after pregnancy when breastfeeding. The good thing is that such a skin tag is completely harmless and will not be passed to your baby. The much it can do is get too big to block the nipple or keep the baby from suckling properly.

During pregnancy, skin tags will mostly develop under the breast. It is probable that it will go away after pregnancy.

Are vaginal skin tags during pregnancy and labial skin tags harmful?

skin tags during pregnancyIf you are experiencing some vaginal skin tags during pregnancy and are wondering if they are harmful both to you and your baby, sit back and relax for now.

They are no health risks associated with vaginal or labial skin tags, both during and after pregnancy. As long as the tags are not causing you discomfort or embarrassment, you can leave them be. It is likely that they will fall off the skin on their own.

However, skin tags are very soft and delicate. They also contain most features of the skin such as a dermis, pores, nerves and blood vessels. For these reasons, the tags can get very painful if injured. They can also predispose you to vaginal infections including genital warts.

Can skin tags on breasts and vagina be treated during pregnancy?

You may be worrying too much about benign skin tags or stretch marks but unfortunately dedicating little time for important pregnancy workouts.

Skin tags on breasts and skin tags during pregnancy can be treated even at home. For example, tea tree oil is a very potent home remedy for removing even labial skin tags. It will not only keep the tags away but also protect you from vaginal infections. Additionally, it will not harm your baby or complicate the delivery process.

You can also use essential oils to conceal and prevent stretch marks, very notorious effects of pregnancy.

All in all, you may want to see your doctor when removing skin tags on breasts during and after pregnancy. Some removal methods at home and over the counter products might prove too crude to be used on breasts at that time.

Can skin tags during pregnancy develop on neck?

skin tags during pregnancy develop on neckSkin tags related to pregnancy can develop on any body part as long as body changes have been experienced on that part.

Some women will generally add weight even on the backs of their necks. Others will develop an excessively oily skin while some will no longer fit in their old clothes.

Considering that the skin keeps changing slightly in response to hormonal changes, it is only natural to develop skin tags on neck during pregnancy.

Unless the removal methods are going to be crude enough to encourage a miscarriage or such, such a skin tag can be removed even in a hospital.

You will find that most doctors will not advise you to go ahead with skin tags removal during pregnancy. Cases of sudden trauma encouraged by hormonal changes have been reported to cause miscarriages and canker sore on tongue.

Will skin tags during pregnancy heal after pregnancy?

If you are wondering whether skin tags that have developed during pregnancy will disappear after the nine months are over, the correct answer is probably yes.

Once all the predisposing factors such as rapid weight gain, hormonal changes and such have been eradicated, the skin tags are likely to turn black and detach from the skin.
Just like razor bumps, these types of skin tags are potential sources of discomfort but not harmful.