Doterra and Oregano Oils to remove Skin Tags, Warts and Moles.

Doterra oil and Oregano OilHave you ever wondered why it is that flowers and some plants are so attractive and nice smelling? Do you find yourself asking why it is that bees spend entire hours hoping from one flower to another?

The secret behind all these is essential oils. These are natural substances contained in barks, flowers even leaves of some plants. They are very aromatic and with potential healing abilities. Tea tree oil with castor oil for example has been used as cold sore remedies.

When extracted, these oils readily change state into a nice smelling gaseous state. You can feel the fragrance in the air once a bottle of essential oil is opened. This is the advantage that doterra oil producers and other related companies take advantage of. As it stands, there are an excess of 1000 different types of substances that can be used to come up with an essential oil.

Doterra oil for skin tags removal

Other than using doterra oil for natural skin health, you can use it to treat skin tags. Skin tags are some projections on the skin that are fleshly and skin-colored. They are in no way cancerous or of health risk but can be a nuisance and embarrassing. They are common in pregnant women, obese individuals, the aged lot and diabetics.

Doterra oil for skin tags removal can be done in a variety of ways. First, you can decide to add the oil in your bathing water. Here, just add some drops into a warm water basin. The oil package will most likely come with guidelines on how many drops are to be added.

You can also take advantage of the cold/hot compress methods. here, you are to dip a piece of cloth in either warm or cold water and add some drops of the doterra oil for skin tags removal that you are using. From there, hold the piece of cloth against the skin tags for 10-15 minutes. You can do this 2-3 times in a day.

The oil can also be added to a lotion and be applied on the affected area. In fact, you can also use it in a moisturizer and apply even on healthy parts of the skin. You will probably come across the use of essential oils in regards to how to cover a pimple.

Oregano oil for skin tags treatment

Oregano oil is one the several folk remedies used to get rid of common skin growths including skin tags. It can be used on the groin areas, necks or even underarms. Never fall to the urge of using it and most of the essential oils on areas such as the eyelids or in the ears.

Steps on how to use oregano oil for skin tags:

  • Oregano oil for skin tagsThe oil works best when used with a string, a skin tag treatment method known as ligation
  • Hold the skin tag by the projected part and tie the stalk by the base
  • Ensure that there are no loose ends left on the string. This can act by collecting bacteria from around. The string will remain in position until the tag falls off
  • Apply the oil to the growths, preferably with a piece of cotton ball
  • An antibacterial cream or ointment will be needed. Oregano oil will only get rid of the skin tag but will not keep bacteria away

Oregano oil has been known to cause allergic reactions to people who don’t find lavender and mint products friendly. Also, it can cause irritation to the skin when used in very powerful concentrations. To avoid this, some olive or coconut oil can help.

How to use doterra oil for moles removal

It is likely that you are familiar with moles. There are certain types of skin growths that usually are raised, dark/tan and with regular edges. They rarely measure more than 6 mm in diameter.
Although they often occur naturally and don’t pose health risks, rapid evolving ones have been known to end in cancer of the skin.
If considering mole removal or treatment with essential oils, doterra oil for moles removal is a good place to start. Here is how you can use the oil to get rid of the moles:

  • Warm some bath water and to it put some drops of the oil
  • The water can be used on any part of the skin even where moles are not present
  • Soak a towel in cold or warm water. To it, apply a few drops of the oil and compress it on the moles
  • The oil can also be used in a lotion or a moisturizer

Oregano oil for moles usage

Oregano oil for molesIt has been observed that oregano oil is very powerful in mole removal usage. The problem is that the oil can be irritating to the skin when used in its purest forms. To avoid this, coconut or almond oil can be added.

When using oregano with almond oil, combine them in ratio of 1:8. Ensure that the two have mixed appropriately before use.

To use it, soak a cotton ball in the mixture and massage the mole with it. Ensure that all the parts of the mole have been covered with the solution. It works best when left to air-dry. After that, rinse the affected area.

Repeat this process once on daily basis. By the end of the first week, you will observe the mole turning black, an indication that it is dying off.

Should the skin on or around the mole get irritated, quit further application. A cleanser ointment can effectively be used to get rid of the oil from the irritated parts.

Doterra oil for warts treatment

Doterra oil for warts treatmentWarts can be fast removed in clinics by having them burnt, surgically removed or even frozen. The problem is that they will keep coming back too many times than you may be willing to keep visiting a doctor.

Luckily, essential oils are relatively effective in removing skin growths, the likes of warts.

Doterra oil for warts removal oil recipe for example can clear common warts in a matter of weeks. An effective recipe can include coconut, frankincense and oregano oils. Clove or almond removal oil can be added into the mixture to ensure that no irritations are caused on the skin.

Apply the mixture directly to the warts once in a day. In a period of about 2 weeks, the warts will have cleared.

It is not advisable to use such a recipe on vaginal warts, skin growths around the eyes or bumps on penis. In fact, ensure that your doctor has been consulted when using essential oils for treatment of skin growths anywhere near genitals or the face.

Oregano oils for warts removal

If you have been looking at some natural ways to get rid of skin growths and warts, it is likely that you have come across oregano oil for warts usage. It is an essential removal oil with lots of additional benefits. For instance, some people use it against stomach ulcers and white spots on tonsils.

The removal oil is very powerful and will probably irritate your skin if used alone. To avoid this, use some coconut oil to make it mild while still maintaining its effectiveness. In every 1 unit of oregano oil used, add 8 equivalent units of coconut oil.

In regards to application, you can apply the oil directly to the affected areas. This can be done up to [4 times in a day. for even better results, cover the warts with a bandage.
Like other essential oils, care should be taken when using them on sensitive body parts such as the genitals. In fact, don’t use them on eyes or genital warts without proper consultation. You can however try them on ringworm on neck or scalp. If the warts do not show signs or dying off in 2 weeks, get help from a dermatologist.