Cutting off Skin Tags, Warts and Moles – How to Successfully Remove them.

Skin tags, warts and moles can develop to become a nuisance. As much as they all are not symptoms of serious health conditions, they can occur in sensitive parts of the body like face or even the genital area. Medications, clinical procedures, home remedies even creams are available when it comes to dealing with these skin infections.

Cutting off skin tags; is it safe to cut off skin tags at home

Cutting off skin tagsYou can have any of the above skin ailments surgically removed, either at home or in a hospital. It in some cases is dangerous to remove tags at home. This is in even that you do not have the right tools and the correct guidelines as to how to go about ripping off a skin tag. The same goes for cutting off a wart or a mole.

Cutting off skin tags; how to cut a skin tag at home

When cutting off skin tags, moles or warts at home, follow the following step by step guidelines

  • Wash your hands with a disinfectant soap and boiled water. Leave them to air dry on their own. To make sure that no germs are left on the hands, rub some alcohol on them.
  • Leave a pair of scissors and or just a normal scalpel to boil in water for about 4 minutes. Another option is to pass them through a direct flame.
  • Find the skin tag, trace its stalk and pull the rest from your skin.
  • Ensure that the scissors is placed at the bottom most part of the stalk. This is the place you are to cut off.
  • Snap the scissors quickly and apply some pressure on the part previously covered by the skin tag.
  • Apply an anti-bacterial lotion or cream on the spot and use a bandage to cover it. Within an average of 36 hours, it will be safe to remove the bandage.

There are some conditions during which ripping off skin tags at home should not be done at all. For example, you lack proper sterilizing compounds, don’t move on to cut off a skin tag or a wart. Also, if you are having a skin tag on anus, have it removed by a doctor.

Cutting off a mole; how to cut a mole

Moles are not easy skin ailments to get rid of by cutting them at home. If you want to cut off a mole, have it done by a doctor. Following are reasons as to why cutting off a mole at home is dangerous:

  • Cutting off a mole; how to cut a moleIt is likely that the mole will bleed and of course be extremely painful. In a hospital, an anesthesia will take care of that.
  • There is a risk of transmitting infections. Additionally, you may provide entry point for harmful microorganisms to get into the body.
  • The equipment you are using for cutting off a mole might not have the required precision. This means that you will leave uneven scars on the parts you have removed the moles from.
  • You might be cutting off a cancerous tumor, one you have mistaken for a common mole. This is fatally dangerous. Just have a mole checked by a doctor first.

How to cut out a wart; cutting off warts

Warts are viral infections. Even after cutting them off, they will still come back after sometimes. Warts can develop in some areas of the body that can make it dangerous to attempt to cut them at home. For example, you can end up damaging your genital organs in attempt to cut off a wart. The penile shaft for instance is filled with tiny blood vessels. Accidental cutting of such vessels will lead to unnecessary bleeding.

Hospitals provide best solutions on how to cut out a wart. In a hospital, a doctor will give it a more strategic approach than just literally cutting off a wart. Here, the layers of the wart will be scrapped step by step, all while you are under an anesthesia.

Make no attempts of cutting out a wart at home. In fact, rather that you make use of OTC products and home remedies like castor oil for skin.