Birthmark Meaning – Causes, Removal guide for White and Red Birthmarks.

BirthmarkIn the ancient times when science failed to tell where the sun came from or where it went, the Greeks came with a solution; one that a god (Apollo) was dragging a large torch across the sky. It was a good enough solution in the time. It is the same case with birthmarks. Since the actual causes of birthmarks are hard to identify scientifically, it is only natural that we come up with myths of what they are trying to tell us.

Nail fungus will cause marks to appear. If not well examined, a person can take that for a birthmark and assume medical help. Get identification help if necessary but not take a medical condition for a birthmark.

Some birthmarks form in the womb but can also form sometime after birth. Most of them are not harmful and will rarely call for removal methods. In fact, they are potential marks of beauty and the many mysteries of Mother Nature. All in all, some complications which we will discuss in this article can occur and call for birthmark removal.
Let’s have a detailed look at birthmarks

Myths on birthmark meaning

Is it that your mother was never provided with enough strawberry like she desired that gave you a strawberry birthmark? Or is it that you are a reincarnation of some angel so you have a birthmark on your chest?

Myths will have you believe that a birthmark on the following areas have the adjacent meanings:

  • Finger – you are generally good, if given two options without any external influence, you will naturally go with the one with benefits to all
  • Lip – you are a talker. Upper lip birthmark meaning is associated with romance while lower lip is associated with the love for wisdom and new knowledge. On the edges of mouth, well, not so good unless you admire wall street philosophy (eat or be eaten)
  • On leg – you are a traveler and they can do little to change that. The same birthmark meaning goes for marks on toes and foot
  • In hair – for some reason, myths think a person birth-marked in hair will be great or already is
  • On shoulder – know that guy/girl who just seems to have things their way; win big in lotto, get the hottest girls…
  • Head – you can go on reading but myths for birthmark meaning have it that you will not marry if you one of the left side of your head. Apparently, right-marked individuals will politically succeed while back-marked individuals will be…well, miserable in life
  • Eye – doesn’t Shakespeare tell us of the much the eye can speak more than the noisy mouth; apparently, those birth-marked under their right eyes just seem to have money coming their way pretty easily while left marked ones won’t speak twice to your girl before she sends you to hell, wherever that is!
  • Cheeks – as it happens, not only those blessed with dimples should have all the attention, of girls at least. I will say this very quickly, no questions asked; for men, left = really bad financial issues. Right=workaholic. For women, right= nice husband, family, big house then of course death! Left mmh…Know that scene when the doctor sends a patient home, to re…die there!
  • Nose – you are Winston Churchill or something. You can get a creative way even around the Nazis
  • Chest – an angel you are? Absolutely not, birthmark meaning on the chest is no luck and misery in life
  • Ear – the heavens have your back. Just go do your things; you will have the puzzled fixed even without knowing how you actually did it
  • Arms – he is the family man you have been looking for. She is no woman to go begging on losers.
  • Thighs – you live your moments to the fullest.

There are many other birthmark meanings, such as that one on face indicates large, big, powerful brains. I would not be surprised if you are to tell of a guy/girl whose birthmark on face you always saw because they came behind you after exam results or entered the class the latest.

With myths, they work no better than placebos. If you choose to believe them, they can improve or discourage your spirits. If you choose to ignore them, nothing will change much.

What causes birthmarks and types?

Some birthmarks are deep pigmented parts of the skin. Others are merely mistakes that occurred when blood vessels were developing, causing them to bundle on a defined spot. No one will identify for you undebatable all causes of birthmarks.

Types of birthmarks:

  • Salmon patches – a red birthmark is probably a salmon patch. You will mostly fnd them in eye, eyelids and lips
  • Mongolian spots – these ones prefer the lower part of the body especially buttocks. They lean towards a bluish appearance
  • Café-au-lait spots – oval and smooth, you will find them on leg and buttocks
  • Port-wine stains – this is the best example of bundled blood vessels. They will initially appear pinkish or red but will later appear more purple
  • Silvermark –it is thought to run in the family. It occurs mostly on face just before the scalp
  • Hemangiomas – yet another result of abnormal development of blood vessels. They form raised bumps/ birthmarks
  • Congenital moles –mostly brown, they are not biased on the grounds of where they can appear in the body. Their sizes and shapes are not defined.

Birthmark removal options and removal cost

Birthmark removal optionsWhile birthmarks can be a sign of beauty or things the ancestors are telling you, some can lead to complications and usually require birthmark removal techniques.

For example, some nevi birthmarks can end in skin cancer while strawberry birthmarks may end up as sores on the skin. In fact, they can affect vision in children should they continue to enlarge on eye.

Open sores resulted from birthmarks can also need that they be removed. This is especially if the sores are serious enough to cause swollen lymph nodes. In that case, they can act as entry points for bacteria and should be removed.


  • Surgery – a surgical operation can be conducted to physically remove the birthmark. This is especially in cases where the marks are due to bundled blood vessels
  • Corticosteroids – this birthmark removal method is used to terminate growth of hemangioma birthmarks
  • Interferon alfa-12 – used when the above removal technique has failed. It can reduce birthmarks in size and also stop them from growing
  • Laser – just like it is in skin tags on penis removal with laser, the blood vessels thought to be bundled undesirably are killed with a laser beam
  • Freezing them – compounds such as wart freeze can be used to kill off bumpy birthmarks. Cold compress, although not as ‘cold’ as liquid nitrogen is also an effective cold sore treatment.

Removal cost for birthmark will depend on their size, location, type and the used removal technique. You will need to discuss the same with your doctor. In most cases, insurance plans will not cater for the operation unless a doctor confirms of its potential health hazards.

Meaning of white birthmark and brown birthmark

white birthmark and brown birthmarkA red birthmark is most notable especially at birth. A white birthmark on the other hand can go unnoticed for long. They however can occur as raised bumps or flat marked areas.

If a white birthmark is occurring on a single defined spot, it needs not cause much concern. However, if they are to occur in multiple spots especially as raised bumps, they are probably not even birthmarks at all. For instance, some white spots on nails you have recently noticed are no birthmarks at all. Someone should not also convince you that they are signs of low calcium and zinc. They probably are allergic reactions to a cosmetic product you have recently been using. You can see your doctor for more information or just quit using the product.

A Brown birthmark is likely to be a congenital nevus. These types of birthmarks have been known to develop into cancer of the skin, a very deadly disease. However, the chances of a brown birthmark turning into cancer of the skin are 5 in a 100.

A brown birthmark can also be a café au lait. Café au laits are flat and relatively harmless birthmarks. However, a doctor should be consulted if they occur in large numbers or continue to extend their coverage areas.

Tyr not to confuse birthmarks with scar marks such as left behind after scabies on penis infestation. Birthmarks occur naturally on a perfectly health part of the skin.

Birthmark removal on face

Deeply colored and large birthmarks on face can be removed in a specialized clinic or hospital. Any of the following can make you want to remove a birthmark on face:

  • Birthmarks with mixed colors such as green, black or blue
  • Black birthmarks
  • Deeply pigmented brown birthmarks
  • Birthmark that are causing pimples on scalp or the face

Birthmark removal on faceIf for any reason a birthmark on face or any other part of your body is making you uncomfortable, you can always have it removed. Birthmark caused by vascular malfunctions for example can in the end bring about complication with the normal development of vision and like.

It is always good that you talk to your doctor first before going ahead with a birthmark removal operation. You will be taken through the potential side effects as well as the removal cost to be expected.